Hey friends! I’m Moving….

I have been SO bad at blogging on Living Aloha. But I have been extremely busy with lots of new and exciting things! So since I probably will not be here at the blog much (although it will stay active and I juuuust might surprise you), please come to our website: Rebel & Muse where I’ve just added a blog page so Kaleo and can BOTH write, as well as offer so much more. Here is the post I just wrote on R&M:

Rebel & Muse-bl

Hi! Melanie here… Kaleo and I are really excited to give you a sneak peak into what we have been creating over here in the Wassman Creative Lab! If you have followed my personal (now lonely) blog Living Aloha, you’ve probably gotten used to my very personal, off the cuff, real-deal style of writing. Definitely nothing professional about it, just fun stuff. So we decided to begin a blog here on R&M where we will both be posting about health, travel, finding balance in everyday life, and of course, some funny real-deal life stuff that is just to good to NOT write about.

In the works:

  • Healthy recipes that we love
  • Travel posts and recommendations
  • First access to our Rebel & Muse workshops and retreats
  • Yoga, Music, Nutrition, Healing with Herbs, LIFE
  • Podcasts where we share our views (sometimes the same, sometimes totally different) and answer your questions

And so much more!
So please keep posted as we begin this next phase of Rebel & Muse! If you have anything you’d like us to feature, or have questions you’d like us to answer, comment here or email us at love@rebelandmuse.com

Peace and love, you Rebels!


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