Yoga and the Creative Spirit

Well hello! Luckily I have my logins all saved, because I had no idea how to log in the Living Aloha anymore… That was kind of sad. Like a long lost friend that I have thought about calling or texting, but then life happens. Life always happens. Until it doesn’t, and then we are off onto the next adventure. So while we are here, it’s so important to be present. In everything we do. Pema Chodron says to “Treat every moment like it is an invited guest.” Beautiful.

So here I am, making no promises that I will be consistent in my writing, but just know that when I do visit, I will be present.

To say that life has been busy these past several months is no joke. It’s been wild and so fun, it’s been painful and frustrating, and yet filled with so many opportunities to learn and grow. And the entire time, I never once felt the absence of LOVE. From my soul babe, from my friends and family, and most of all, from me. So important.

One amazing event that happened while I was away from ‘ze blog was Kaleo getting his 200 hr Yoga Teacher certification. I am so very proud of that man. During the time he was in YTT school, he was also recording a new album, and touring the festival circuit. !! Then he finished all his homework during the summer tour and boom… he is now a yoga teacher. So dedicated and so talented. #doubleswoon

We are excited to announce a yoga retreat that we are offering in October 2016! It will be in San Luis Obispo and feature daily yoga classes, song/creative writing workshops, delicious vegetarian meals, and so much more. Kaleo and I are co-leading this event and the spaces are very limited. We want to bring only about a dozen people, so that it’s intimate and community-building. It’s such a pleasure to be able to create something together that we are so passionate about! We haven’t announced it publicly yet (except here?), so keep an eye out on for more info once it’s announced.

For any of you who are still out there reading, thank you!

Peace + Love,