Well there’s a light in your eye that keeps shining, Like a star that can’t wait for the night…” ~Led Zeppelin

Happy holidays! And, apparently I don’t blog enough.

K and I were having dinner the other night with some dear friends that we haven’t seen in almost a year, and the topic went from, ‘How have you guys been? What’s new?’ to… ‘You need to blog more! Do you know how long it’s been?? Much too long!’ Haha! Sorry, Hannah, had to throw you under the bus for that one. 🙂
But seriously, sometimes life is just WAY more exciting than the internet, and I just can’t seem to sit down long enough to pour out an entry. However- I am going to make this my New Years Resolution. I resolve to blog more. Because, in all honesty, I really love to do it. But sometimes I don’t even visit my own blog for weeks on end. And then I have beautiful comments from awesome readers and I feel like poop because I haven’t responded fast enough. And then the guilt sets in about abandoning the blog for so long and that makes me really want to stay away, because how many times can I say sorry for not blogging. Or is it Sorry for Party Rocking? But alas, here we are again. And yet again… Sorry for not blogging. Moving on…

We are enjoying this holiday season SO much! No stress, no rushing around, no angry shoppers fighting for parking spaces or the last DVD set of Sons of Anarchy Season 2. Ah… just bliss with my love being home, our sweet little Christmas tree, and lots of yummy vegetarian dinners at home. See, this year we decided to not buy presents for anyone, not even each other. No consumerism = no holiday stress. We did allow each other presents ONLY if they were hand-made by us. So instead of Christmas morning being the pinnacle of the holiday because thats when the presents are opened, we are enjoying every single moment just being together. And the days up to Christmas seem to last longer. They are being savored rather than having the feeling of rushing around to buy things for everyone. It is so nice. We are so relaxed and happy to just watch the chaos fly around us while we just look at each other and smile. I recommend this to everyone.

Until today. I did something completely out of my comfort zone, and far from my usual routine. I went to the mall today. Yes, December 26th, the Day After Christmas…! One of the cra-zaaziest shopping days of the year. WHY? I need a new coat for Alaska. And I figured I could sneak in under the radar and hit up the one store that was sure to have my perfect coat in stock for Uber-cheap, my color and size of course. And then I would whisk myself up to the register, pay and be out and on my way home in 30 minutes or less. Because I AM that confident and a total positive-thinker, and I only want one little thing, right?

{How I imagined my shopping experience was going to be...}

{What I actually saw when I got there}

Of course I asked K if he wanted to join me and get some new gloves. HA! He looked at me like I was looney and said no thank you love, but good luck. In fact, he actually suggested I bring my badass knife he got me for Christmas (Yup, of COURSE he broke the rules and gave me gifts). Anyway, I drive to the mall, happy as can be, calling upon the Parking Fairies to grant me rockstar parking right in front of the one store I knew would have my coat. Well, that didn’t quite happen. But I did get to see two older ladies scream at each other from their cars, fighting over a parking spot, obvs. That’s okay, I’m still cheerful and optimistic.
I can now see my store, but crap, with all the parking traffic, I am barely inching my way through the lot. I decide to park further away and walk. It’s a beautiful day out and I could use the walk after all the coconut milk egg nog I drank. SO I pull down an aisle and voila! A parking space appeared right in front of me! Thank you parking fairies! I get out of my car and start the pretty far walk to the store. I cut between cars and move to another aisle, then another. A car pulls up in front of me and a guy leans out of his car to yell at me for taking him on a goose chase. What the..? Apparently, he had been following me from aisle to aisle thinking that I was looking for my car to leave. Oops, I had no idea. Whatevs, dude. Two altercations in under 5 minutes but I am STILL having a good time. I just wave and carry on.
I finally get to my store and a whoosh of reality washed over me as I walked in. There were SO many people with angry, maniacal, and pissed off looks on their faces that I had to pause and find my courage to go on. Crying kids, yelling moms, people flinging through the racks with reckless abandon, throwing coats that didn’t fit them on the floor, others grabbing 5 at a time, not even looking at sizes, just so they could go take them to a corner to try on without having to shank someone for it. It was complete madness.
I took a deep breath…
And I walked over to the nearest rack that (miraculously) had only one person digging through. I found a couple nice ones, but my eyes were glazing over, my palms were getting sweaty, and my bottom lip was getting ready to pucker. Yes, my friends, I was thisclose to losing it. I wanted to either A. run for the door while screaming: “You’re all a bunch of f#*@ing lunatics!” or B. give up and sit down somewhere, where they would eventually find me rocking in a corner.

However, I pulled up my big girl panties and did C. Made one last scan of the coats with authority, wearing a confident smile while still being ready to fend off the crazies if I found My Coat. And then… there it was. The only one of its kind in the store, Michael Kors, down, mid-thigh, puffy but fitted with a faux fur trimmed hood,  in MY size, marked down from $400 to $109. True story. It was only a coat, but the victory I felt in that moment could only have been better if there was a soundtrack playing in the back ground, like in a Katherine Heigl movie. I took my starry eyes and my new favorite coat EVER up to the register. Where I waited.

Yep, still waiting.

But that’s okay because I WON. I wrapped my arms around my coat to snuggle in its warmth while I waited. I walk up to the register and she sweetly tells me that My Coat is now only going to be $85 because it has been marked down yet again for today only. Ahhhh sweet victory. I abandoned the rest of my plans and just went home to have lunch with K. My day was complete and oh so sweet. BUT- I vow to NEVER do that again. I have no idea what I was thinking…

So me and My Coat are heading up to Anchorage with K on Thursday for their New Years Eve concert. I am so excited! See, I was born and raised in Hawaii. However, for a couple of wild years when I was a little one, my parents, my dog and I were nomads and went from Hawaii to California, then up to Maine and all the way through Canada (in a van with shag carpet walls!!) to Nome Alaska where we lived on the tundra for a year or so. I don’t remember any of it, but I have some great photos, and I love hearing the stories…

{Yes, that is me. Could I look any more uncomfortable?}

Then I came back to Hawaii, all before I was 3 I think? Mom, dad, you can probably fact check me here. But I have never been back to Alaska, and now we have the chance. I’m very excited to see the Aurora Borealis again, and to visit a glacier south of Anchorage. It wasn’t on my Life List, but I am eager to experience it just the same. Are any of you readers out there in Anchorage? Anyone coming to the show? We will be there for about six days and would love to have some recommendations of restaurants, fun things to see, etc. And wouldn’t you know it… there is a yoga studio next to the venue. Boom. 🙂

It has been such a wonderful year, and one word sums it all up for me. Gratitude. I am so grateful for everything in my world: My love, my family, my friends, my studio, our travels, our life together. It’s been a fabulous ride so far, and I am so excited to see what the New Year brings! I would love to hear from all of you… What are your plans for New Years Eve? Are you making a resolution this year? Of course, mine is to blog more, blah, blah. But other than that, I really don’t have another one in mind. Just to Live. Live happily, live healthily, and honestly and lovingly. Enjoy every. single. moment of this beautiful life and to appreciate and love my closest like it’s the last day of the world.

Happy New Year. Peace to all.

Reading: Jimmy Page. Magus. Magician. Man.
Listening to: Chris Cornell- Live acoustic tour. Swoon…
Eating: Homemade Vegan Harvest soup (basically any veggies I have on hand)
Grateful for: Kaleo making me delicious breakfasts every morning. I’m spoiled.



“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~William James

Just a quick post today with an amazing video that’s so heartwarming, I got all teary-eyed. The kindness of humans never ceases to amaze me. Everyone has it in them to make a difference, either big or small. Mother Teresa said, ‘If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ‘
So if you can’t save a hundred whales, save just one…

I ask you this: Without spending any money, how can you be of service to the world today?

Peace in, Peace out… 

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ~Anthony Robbins

On June 21st, the afternoon of the Summer Solstice, we officially welcomed the arrival of summer! We had our 108 Sun Salutation Mala of Intention event at the studio and raised $381 for the Oceanside chapter of Stand Up For Kids, yay! This is the second time I’ve held a 108 event and I can tell you, it doesn’t get any easier. I was so sore the next day and two days after… Well Hello, hamstrings! Three of our wonderful teachers helped me by each leading one round, with me closing the event with the final round of 27 Sun Salutations. It’s such an empowering experience, I highly recommend it to everyone! I will be holding a similar one 2-3 times a year, with all proceeds benefitting charity, so if you are ever in the area when it is happening, come and check it out. 😉

Speaking of summer, I feel like a flower who has just been put out in the sun and given fresh water. The weather has been so lovely with the sun shining and the warm temperatures, and especially the long days. I’m thrilled to be able to come home from yoga and go for a walk on the beach, and still be finished with dinner before the sun goes down. There is something undeniably heart warming about summer in southern California. I love living here. I love driving down the wide, palm tree lined streets as the sun is inching its way closer to the ocean. Sun roof open, sunglasses on, favorite happy song of the moment playing loudly… Everything is so warm and golden, and sparkly, and it invites the feeling of limitless possibilities. It’s no wonder people come from all over the world to reinvent themselves and try their hand at becoming famous. It’s definitely not my dream, but in that moment, I get it.

On this holiday weekend, I have been out enjoying the sun, people watching (which is so fun down here), doing lots of yoga, and getting ready for Kaleo to come home tonight. Yay! Home for the holiday, and I couldn’t be any happier. It’s amazing to be in a beach community on a holiday weekend. Things get cra-zaazy. I kind of like to have some personal space when I am out in public. You know, maybe even like a bubble of, oh I don’t know, 4 feet radius?? 4th of July at the beach? Not going to happen. It’s the wildest thing, people are all up in each other’s business! And by business, I mean almost laying out on top of each other. Umbrellas and tents are almost touching, if not battling for space, and the beach goers are pretty much raging. I’m not just talking about partying and drinking, I’m talking about the kids who have been consuming sugar and hot dogs all day who are screaming like banshees and running around throwing sand at people. Whoa.
It is a sight. But who am I to put my idea of a good time on anyone? Just because it isn’t for me and you will not see my butt in a bikini sandwiched in between the Joneses (all 12 of them) and the 50 year old uber-tan creepy guy who is checking out the 12 year old Jones girls, doesn’t mean that I don’t have a blast people watching while on my walk.


In honor of summer and being able to wear sunglasses at anytime, I got contacts. I’ve tried them before and struggled with them horribly. So I am giving them another shot, and I am actually loving it this time around! It is so freeing to be able to wear sunglasses and… SEE at the same time! Who would have thought… And now I can see my feet in a yoga class, wow! It’s been pretty fun. I’m not wearing them all the time because I do love my glasses, but it’s a nice change to be able to get dressed up and not ruin the outfit by putting on glasses that don’t match. Or have someone make a comment like, “Oh I see you’re trying to go for the sexy librarian look.”  No, actually. I’m terribly blind and if I want to make my way around with everyone’s safety in mind I have to wear these things. Smartass.

One major bonus of getting contacts is riding a bike. Yes, I know, it’s the simplest things that I haven’t been able to do! In the sun, I can’t wear sunglasses because I needed to see. But also, if I just wear my glasses, I have awful, if any, peripheral vision. Which is no bueno when you’re riding a bike on a busy street. So- I am really looking forward to riding my bike everywhere now that I can see and am not a vision-impaired menace to society.
And of course, with my newfound freedom of sight, I kind of want a new bike. Because it’s only the cutest bike ever. It’s made by Linus, which is also the cutest name ever. I want her to be cream-colored with a brown basket (for the farmers market) and a bell. Yep, I am that girl. I want a bell on my bike. These bikes are the most adorable Euro-looking bikes I have ever seen, and I am manifesting one to come into my life. I did that with my car, exact color, interior, everything. So now I am doing the same with my bike, who I will name Lucie. Too much information? Well here is a photo…

{photo courtesy of beaux-monde.com}

{Linus Dutchi 3}

Love, love, love. And she even has the bell. Swoon. The Linus website has all the little bells and baskets to outfit your bike properly, and from my research, you can find the bikes used and refurbished, which is what I am going to do. Because they don’t come cheap.
Who else is excited for summer?? What is on the schedule for this holiday weekend? Lots of sun, friends, good food and music? Sounds like a good time to me. And the fact that I am spending it with my love? Even better.
I will leave you with a fun song that keeps popping up on my random iPod shuffle…. Have a safe and fun-filled weekend!

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” ~Ingrid Bergman

Well Hello, old friend…
No excuses. No apologies. I’ve been enjoying my life immensely …that is all. I’ve even been pondering the idea of taking a hiatus from blogging altogether. But alas, I’m back once again to pour my words out onto your pages. To discuss joyous occasions and laugh at oddities, to own up to my awkward moments and dissect my silly quirks. All out in the open for scrutiny in the public eye. Why on Earth would I be so transparent, you ask? Why don’t I password protect my life? That is a damn good question, actually. The only answer I have is… That’s not me. I don’t hide. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and sure, it might bring some hurt feelings into my day occasionally. But it feels much more authentic to be true and broadcast good stuff that might inspire people, or awkward moments that people can relate to, than to stay private and closed off. And believe me, friends, the truly juicy stuff in my life doesn’t go on a WordPress Blog, it stays in my heart and the heart of my loved one, all tucked away neatly and safely for our eyes only.

But there is so much more to talk about. Life brings us daily gifts in a myriad of ways. Getting that extra half hour of sleep & snuggle time in the morning; a hand written letter from a dear friend in your mailbox; when a new recipe comes out delicious the first time; discovering new music; cozying up with a great book on one side of the couch while your loved one is reading on the other side of the couch, under the same blanket… I could go on forever! And these are things that are worth talking about, and sharing. It’s the little things in life that bring us so much joy, IF we are able to recognize them. So sure, I might rant and rave about something awful and annoying from time to time, but those are the times that we can laugh at, ultimately. And in fact, by writing about those times I am making myself laugh at them, and it becomes a non-issue.

So there. I am back, and I am grateful for my blog, and my readers. I’m grateful for my family and friends who allow me to process my life openly and passionately with no judgement. And I am grateful to the very few of those out there who insist on judging and being party-poopers. You only make me stronger.

So with all of that being said… Let’s start again.

Well, Hello old friend! What a wonderful month it has been. I don’t even know where I left off, but I think since the last time I was here I went to Mexico, had a crazy 80’s-themed surprise birthday, saw Prince in concert from about ten feet away, went to see the beautiful Chris Cornell solo acoustic concert at Humphry’s, wrote another chapter of my book, led an Ayurveda workshop, and had a blast with Kaleo in between it all. I know I’m missing a ton of stuff, but I just don’t feel like recapping right now. What I do want to say is that I finally saw the Oprah show. Yes, for the first time ever. I think I must have seen it in passing here and there, I mean it has been 25 years since she’s been on-air! But I never really sat down to watch an episode. Not until last week, when I was feeling a little under the weather and decided to stay home in my jammies and drink tea on the couch. And watch Oprah. ???
Anyway, I will spare you the sappy details, but I was in tears! She was so awesome, and inspirational! I don’t know if all her shows are like that, but I was moved. Then I realized it was her very. last. show. Like, ever. I had no idea it was even ending. It’s never even been on my radar, whatsoever, so I never paid her any attention.  But damn, that girl can make a grown woman cry. Where am I going with this? Well apparently she has something on her show called My Favorite Things. Awesome idea! So I would like to share with you some of mine. However, the last thing I want is to be sued by a woman who can make me cry, so I am going to call it:

Things I am Loving Right Now

{Tuberose Essential Oil}

Sorry for the bad shot. But this stuff is deeelicious. My mom gave me 4 bottles for my birthday! I wear a smidge on each wrist everyday and it brings me right back home to Hawaii. I just placed an order to sell them in my boutique.


Kaleo and I are huge supporters of Farm Sanctuary. When our beloved pig, Bella, passed away a year and a half ago, we decided against getting another pet. Instead, we became supporters of this organization and a personal sponsor of  a beautiful piglet named Blossom. They have two shelters, one in Northern California and the other in New York. Please visit their website and see what they are all about. For my surprise party, Kaleo created a large donation jar with literature and a whole display for my party guests to donate in lieu of a traditional birthday gift. How incredibly sweet is he???

{Breville Juice Extractor}

The Breville Juice Extractor is our new best friend. We juice everyday, and the cleanup isn’t even too terrible with this one. My favorite mixtures lately are Carrot-Ginger and Apple-Beet. Juicing is so deliciously good for your heart, your skin, your liver, your blood… The benefits are limitless! If you want to read about juicing, I found this great resource: The Juicing Book online. As for the juicer we purchased, we found Breville to be the best for what we were looking for. Easy cleanup, durable, industrial parts, and the extractor feature is a must.

{Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me}

Okay, I admit it, this book is hilarious. I read so many serious, not-so-easy to read texts that every once in a while it’s a lot of fun to read something like this, or the True Blood series. And I happen to Love Chelsea. This book is written by her friends, family, and co-workers, spilling the beans on all of the mean pranks and lies that Chelsea pulls on them. It’s pretty funny, and yes, her other books are funny too. Good summer beach read.

{Topless & Barefoot}

I love nail polish by Essie. It is reasonably priced and the colors are so soft and romantic. This pale natural pinkish gem is my new fave, I have it on my toes right now. Another polish I love when I want to go for a bit more pizazz is Butter London which uses No Formaldehyde, and come in whimsical colors with names like Tea With the Queen, Tramp Stamp, and The Full Monty. Love!

Well, it’s nice to be back. It was also nice to take a break. Stepping back and re-evaluating things is a necessary step in growth sometimes. We can use it as a tool to see if what we want out of life and what we are doing in life are in alignment. Now on to the important stuff… What is everyone doing for the Summer??


PS: Thanks to Anonymous for the compliment, but to give credit where credit is due… My inspiration for titling all my posts with quotes comes from one of the blogs I love, Smart, Pretty and Awkward.

“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, a little better, all the time.” ~the Beatles

Hi friends,

We are back from our trip home to Hawaii. Does anyone else feel a little relieved that the holidays are over? Is it just me? I’ve sat down to write a few times and I stop each time. I have gone through so many emotions in the past month that to corral them all into one coherent post would be a huge challenge that I honestly didn’t feel like conquering. Trying to stay on an even keel during a rollercoaster of events, emotions, delightful experiences and heart wrenching tragedy… All during the holidays. And when I tried to write, it just didn’t feel like I was coming from an authentic place since I was trying to find answers and bright-sides amidst confusion. So I didn’t write. But then I realized that sharing these very thoughts are what readers might need to hear. Not just the all-is-well happy stuff but the I’m-trying-to-follow-my-own-advice stuff too. So here I am.

First of all, I want to clarify that everything with me directly is great. Kaleo and I are happier than ever, we have our health, and home life is simply beautiful. However, a large number of my closest and dearest friends and family are going through rough times for many reasons. I don’t want to air anyone’s personal stuff, but there has been a tragic death of a friend’s family member, terminal illness, break ups, financial hardships, more unexplained death, and most recently, someone in my family passing away from Cancer. If you know me, you know that I nurture, and I want to make things all better. Well, I can’t. And it often affects me in the way that I feel anxious and I take on my loved one’s pain and suffering as my own. I hate to know that someone I love is in pain. It’s one of the hardest feeling for me to process. Even worse than my own pain. I love each and every one of these people so much, and it’s hard knowing that I can’t heal their hearts.

So this past month for me has been a huge learning experience. I am learning to just BE there for people instead of thinking I have to DO something. HUGE lesson. There are things that happen that I can’t change or help, except by simply being a source of love and support. Sometimes just a quiet ear is better than a word of advice. Sometimes a silent hug is better than a question of how to be of help. And so I wait, ready to love, ready to listen, and ready to give that silent hug to anyone that needs it… You know who you are, and you know how much I love you.

This year is almost over and I am really excited to see what the New Year will bring. Kaleo and I loved our trip back home so much that we had a very hard time coming back. Being in the ocean, spending time with loved ones, watching the sunsets… One thing I absolutely LOVE about Hawaii is that everyone stops what they’re doing to watch the sunset. And it happens every day! I’m talking about people driving will pull over, restaurant staff will stop and watch, it’s so awesome! People actually take the time out of their day to pause and reflect on the beauty of nature. Every.Single.Day. That is a beautiful lesson right there. It’s a practice that we can adapt into our lives no matter where in the world we live. It doesn’t have to be a sunset, it could be stopping to watch a bird splash in a puddle or listen to a child laugh, or pick some wild flowers and give them away to someone. Any little pause in your busy day, and little gesture that makes you feel alive and grateful.

I’ve definitely had my love for life strengthened lately. My gratitude for every moment I can spend with loved ones, and my appreciation for day to day things that I might usually take for granted. All these things make me happy to be alive and excited to see what’s next. I will be posting a photo year in review soon, maybe today maybe not.

I love you all. Now go tell someone you love them…



{Oceanside Sunset}

(my header image is The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite artists)


The one where I let go of an irrational fear. Or… How the crows won me over.

You might have known about my silly fear of crows from this post. Since we moved to Oceanside, I have been facing that fear head-on. There are SO many crows here, right in front of my house and outside of my bedroom window… it’s ridiculous. But over the past 10 months, I have gotten to know a few of them. Or maybe they have gotten to know me? I once heard on NPR that crows are able to recognize individual people, and that if they feel wronged by you, they will follow you and your family and annoy the shit out of you. At parks, ATMs, parking lots, etc. I swear I’m not making this up, go here. I mean, how creepy is that?! Anyway, I was working from home one day and I heard a bunch of crows going nuts. They were cawing and squawking super LOUD and swarming like in the Alfred Hitchcock movie the Birds. There must have been about 200 of them, I swear, right outside of my living room. I wanted to peak my head out and see what was going on, but I was terrified. I couldn’t make sense of any of it, and it lasted for about a full half hour. Finally I saw Whitney’s car pull up but she didn’t get out so I cracked my front door open and looked outside…

There was a crow stuck in some fishing line hanging by one wing out of the tree across the street. Flapping his free wing, screeching, and basically freaking out. My mind immediately switched from fear mode to I’m-going-to-save-this-bird’s-life-even-if-I-have-to-climb-the-tree-in-my-jammies mode. But what could I seriously do?? I had no ladder, and the tree was so big that even if I climbed it I wouldn’t be able to reach the bird. All of his crow friends and family were still basically yelling, Save Him He’s Caught! Help, Help! Around and around in circles which added to the urgency I felt and panic the poor crow felt, I’m sure.

Just then, one of the local homeless guys walked up the alley down the road to see what was happening, saw the crow and immediately started looking around for a solution to the problem. Not a minute later another man in a small SUV pulled up and got out of his car. I was feeling helpless, in the way, and still a little fearful so I stayed put and watched from my doorstep. The two men began their rescue mission: SUV guy quickly backed his car up over the sidewalk near the hanging bird while homeless guy directed him to the closest proximity. After a couple of tries they found the best place to get on top of the SUV and grab the fishing line. SUV guy carefully pulled the bird over to where to homeless guy was and they ever-so-gently cut the line and dropped the bird into homeless guys arms. He then carefully brought Crow to the grass and held him for a minute calming him down while SUV guy untangled the wing from captivity.

With amazing teamwork between two people who had never met before, they freed Crow. I was clapping from my doorstep, Whitney was still in her car watching, and the two men slowly backed away from Crow to give him some breathing room. At this point I realized that the flock of circling, yelling crow-friends had quieted down and were slowly dispersing. Some were still around but were just watching from telephone wires and poles, sensing that the danger was over. We were worried that Crow was going to be unable to fly because surely he had broken his wing, when all of a sudden he took off! He flew up to the nearest telephone pole and sat for a few minutes catching his breath.

At this point we all laughed out of relief and the men thanked each other for the help. I was almost crying with joy because if you know me you know that suffering animals completely break my heart. We looked up at the pole to see Crow fly away and join the few others that were waiting around eagerly….

I’m telling this story for a few reasons:

1. If life gives you an opportunity to face a fear head on and possibly let go of the fear, then take it as a gift and learn from the experience. I am now fearless when it comes to the huge black bird-beasts that wake me up cawing outside our window in the morning. Sometimes annoyed, sure. But not afraid. Besides, I really don’t want to piss them off and have them follow me everywhere… That is so bizarre.

2. The fact that two men who had never met, never spoken before, one homeless and the other passing by in his trendy little SUV… came together without question and immediately came up with a solution to saving the life of this bird. They worked together like a seamless, compassionate team, and it was so awesome to watch. When we watched Crow fly away finally, they walked over to one another and did that man-handshake/other hand slapping on the back thing that guys do. I don’t what else to call it, but now that I pointed it out you will totally notice it. But it was beautiful in this time and place.

3. These crows, man. They take care of their OWN! You should have seen them circling and freaking out until we nonchalant, fearful little humans noticed and took action. Ok, I am the only fearful human in this story. Actually no, Whitney you didn’t get out of your car until it was over, ha! Anyway, the birds were not about to let up and sit and watch Crow die. And that, my friends, is pretty cool. We can learn a lot from them when it comes to loyalty and not giving up. Total heart. We now call them SAMCRO.

So that is my little Crow story. Anyway, I am home now with my love. What a long and great tour that was. I met so many fabulous people, amazing fans, and hard working sweet street teamers on this tour. Every single one of you rock. I will be posting more soon with photos, etc. Enjoy this gorgeous day!