My Birthday month!

So here we go again. Every year for the past, well few years, I tell myself and Kaleo: I’m not having a birthday this year. Nope, I’m done. Last year was the last one. I don’t want to get another year older, and frankly, birthdays are lame anyway. Who needs ’em? 

But yet, every year as the dreaded date creeps closer and closer… I find myself getting more and more excited. And I don’t mean just happy to celebrate another great year, excited. I mean, like a little kid who wants to dig into the birthday cake with both hands and stuff it in her mouth, excited. Why is that?? I know having a birthday means adding yet another number to my age. My age, which I have conveniently lost track of, and just say the first number that pops into my head when someone asks. I mean, how dare they ask anyway, right? But I’m beginning to realize that the simple fact of me getting so excited means that I really am just a kid at heart, and ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’… It just goes to prove that you are only as old as you feel. And when my birthday gets near, I feel like I’m about 8, 10 tops. Now, I know that Kaleo is going to argue that it is because I have no patience. He has to battle with me constantly in order to not tell me what my present is. In fact, he has to battle with me in order to prevent me from telling him what HIS present is before his own birthday! Whatever… Patience, smatience. 🙂

So on the Eve of the first day of Birthday Month, I thought I would recap a few of the things I learned this past year:

1.  My vote DOES count. I had almost given up hope due to the previous two Presidential elections, but I have a renewed faith in our system. 

2.  Trust that the Universe has your best interest at heart. 

3. Give without expecting anything in return. If it is done from the heart, it will feel incredible, and that is all you need. 

4. Be Present. Do not focus on the past or the future. Enjoy this moment to the fullest!

5. It is absolutely possible to fall in love with a garden. I always like to think of myself as peaceful, loving and yogic. Well, that is until I staged a war with whatever is eating my little seedlings and plants! It’s so on. I’m like a ninja. I have a secret weapon: Diatomaceous Earth, bitches. 

6. Pigs will never, EVER eat a cucumber. It’s true. 

7. You really can fall in love with the same person over and over again…

8. Nurture the friendships that you have had for many, many years. There is a reason those people are still in your life. They know everything about you and still love you. Those are the most precious friends. The ones that never go away.

9. Believe in yourself! 

10. Live Simply. Love Generously. Speak Kindly. Care Deeply.

I’ve learned so much more this year, but the above are some that I can fondly look back upon. I am excited to be having a birthday soon. Regardless of the whole age thing. I sometimes forget that while I keep getting older each year, everyone else does too. So to that I say…….. Let us eat Cake!


My Soapbox

So I just got home from the movie theatre where I saw Disney’s Earth. Now, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet… Although as soon as I left the theatre I called my mom. I think I was inspired by all of the crying kids calling out for their own mommies as we all exited with wide eyes looking at each other with the silent glance of, ‘do you feel the same way as I do right now?’. Let’s just leave it at: It has many absolutely beautiful scenes and a couple of funny moments, but try not to go into it with ‘Child’s Eyes’ thinking you’re about to see a sweet Disney film. I was crying my eyes out with the rest of the kiddies.

Ok, now on to my point. At the end of the film, although it was sad, it gave me (and hopefully many others) a wake up call about the state of our home. Global warming is not a made up plot in the hair brained, scheming minds of those crazy liberals, as some people would have us believe. And yes, I pride myself on being one of those crazy liberals, if you have to put a label on it. But as dreary as it sometimes seems with all of the media blasting it in your face, and big  corporations jumping on the bandwagon of ‘Going Green’ just for the sake of making a profit, I truly think that the world is ready and willing to make a change. And regardless of whether or not ‘Green’ is a fad or a profit-maker for some people, at the end of the day it’s still going to affect the bottom line of the world. It’s kind of like the saying: ‘good or bad, it’s still publicity’. Well, good intentions or not, it’s still good for the planet. And it is true that each and every little change you can make will help. 

I believe that as humans, our True Nature is inherently good, peaceful and compassionate. Now if we can become more aware of this in our every day life and make decisions that are for the greater good of our planet, our people, our animals, just imagine how we can positively change the world! Just little things like buying locally and organically, bringing your own reusable bags to the store, and using your own glass or aluminum bottles for water does make a difference. 

Society has become one of convenience and consumerism. And I fear I’m guilty with the rest of them. I heard on a healthy cooking show the other day something cool. The chef said he recommends to his clients that when grocery shopping, ask yourself before buying something whether or not the item you want would be recognized by your grandmother or great-grandmother. And if not, then your body probably doesn’t need it. He gave the example of yogurt to-go in a brightly colored plastic tube. A real-life product, I’ve actually seen it. 

So as I get ready to step down graciously from my Soap Box, I implore you, strive to make at least one Earth conscious decision every day. If everyone in the world did this, there would be 6.7 billion little ‘green’ moments a day! And yes, Kaleo, I did look up how many people there are in the world… 😉

As Gandhi said- “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Bob and Mozart


One bed of our new garden

One bed of our new garden

Here is one of the four beds of our new garden. We have six different hot peppers, bok choy, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, yellow squash, sweet onion, red onion, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries and an herb garden. I am going to be one of those crazy old ladies that walk around her garden talking and singing to her plants, I just know it. Well, except for the singing part. Just ask Kaleo, I cannot sing to save my life.  So in the mornings I play Bob Marley for them, and in the evenings it’s Mozart. Seems to be working, they are all adjusting to the garden nicely. Now if I could only get rid of the slugs and earwigs… bastards.

New beginnings…

I guess you can say that I have become accustomed to this new life. Not that I wasn’t kicking and screaming in the very beginning. Figuratively, anyway. Life at the office day in, day out; working at night; commuting two hours a day; vacationing with my nose in my Blackberry… Looking back it sounds just awful, doesn’t it? These days my life is much more- well, in a word- Simple. And I am loving every simple minute of it. I have time. Time! To just sit and reflect. And with this time, I want to find ways to become a better person. Not just for myself, or my husband, but for the Earth itself. It’s amazing what you can do when you Pause and Appreciate. 

Being laid off has been such an amazing experience. Of course I went through the Hurt Ego Phase, the What will I do? Phase, and the Holy Shit, it’s 9am and I’m not at the office! Phase. But with the amazing support of my wiser-beyond-his-years husband, I have finally realized that this has been the best thing that could have happened to me. I am Happy. For years I was at my job, going through the motions and battling stress. And not even realizing that it wasn’t healthy. It was just ‘normal’. Following my dreams and doing something that I loved, that I’m passionate about..? Well Melanie, that is just not realistic now is it? My mind would say. Well as I have now learned first hand, the Universe knows more than I do. I would have never left my job, I’m not a quitter. But losing my job has opened up a whole new world for me. One where I can actually follow my dreams and make the world a better place. 

And my life with my husband has entered an entirely new phase as well. I am Present. I don’t mean that I am home more. I mean that I am not always standing in our relationship with one foot in work and the other at home. And it feels incredible. We have had the most fun just being together, laughing, talking, cleaning, cooking, traveling, whatever it is we are doing, it’s just that much better! I should have learned from him years ago. Being a musician he has always chased his dream. And he has made himself successful by not settling for anything less. Now it’s my turn. And I am so ready…