RIP Sashimi. You will be missed, little buddy.

*not really Sashimi, I got the photo from the web

This morning my sweet little Betta, Sashimi, passed away. He was beautiful and red just like the photo above. It isn’t him however, since I never really thought to take a picture of him. I don’t know why. I take pictures of my feet, why not of my little fish?? Oh well, it’s too late now. I just buried him. I just couldn’t FLUSH him. Ew. he deserved better than that. I buried him in one of my plants. Sashimi was my rescue fish. I got him from a sushi restaurant. He was being used as decoration and was really shriveled and sad looking. The water was cloudy and he had to watch fish being served to people everyday. No life for a fish. That’s like us living in a small, unsanitary environment watching people eat people for dinner and barely having a daily meal because our keepers are too busy. That bummed me out. So I asked the owner if I could take him home and he said yes! He gave him to me in a bowl and thanked me for taking care of him. I was so happy! And then I looked at Kaleo and the look on his face was priceless…

See, this was my second time doing this. Cut to: about a year prior. We were in Del Mar at another sushi place and there was a sickly, sad little blue Betta in a bowl watching us eat. There were about 6 of us at dinner but my attention was on this poor little guy. I devised a plan. I went to the bathroom and asked the waitress if I could rescue the fish. She looked shocked and said, Oh my god! Is it still alive?! Yes please take it but feed it as soon as you get home I don’t know if anyone has ever fed that thing! So she gave me a styrofoam coffee cup and we put the fish in it and continued with dinner. I kind of joked around with Kaleo and our friends about saving a fish from a sushi restaurant, haha, wouldn’t that be ironic, haha, it’s really cruel to have them there anyway, haha, that’s something Melanie would totally do, haha. HAHA. I had the damn fish in that coffee cup in my purse the whole time!! So we get into the car to drive home and me, not being one to keep secrets, blurted out: So…Uh.. I have the fish. Kaleo was like, Um what do you mean you have the fish? ME: You know.. THE FISH. Kaleo: Oh my god babe, are you telling me you stole that little dying fish from the sushi restaurant???! ME: No! I didn’t steal it… I mean, yes, I HAVE the fish but they gave it to me. I mean… they practically BEGGED me to take it! Love, it NEEEEDS me! It’s going to DIIEE! (big major pouty face here) Kaleo (being the most awesome husband in the whole entire Universe): Whoa, ok babe. You can have the fish but make sure it doesn’t spill in my car. (thoughtful pause) I can’t believe you just rescued a fish from a sushi restaurant. (another pause) Actually, yes I can. (totally shaking his head and laughing at me)

So goes the story of my first rescue. He was special. In a crooked tail, scared of food pellets, swimming in to the glass wall of his tank kind of way. But I loved him. and eventually buried him. So when I found another chance to save a Betta from the same cruel fate, I jumped at it. And we had him for almost two years and he grew to be such a huge, beautiful, healthy fish. All they need is love, food, clean water and more love. And a warm tank, if possible. You never really think of fish as friendly pets, but he would follow me in his tank. If I was sitting on the couch by him he would hang out next to me. If I got up and was doing something in the other room, he would go to that side of the tank and wait for me. So sweet. Well, little one, we loved you and we will miss you…

~Melanie (and Kaleo)