Blog Challenge Day 2: Favorite Movie

Ok this was a little easier. The term ‘favorite’ is so limiting, and I really, really love movies so there are MANY favorites. But I have to say that one constant favorite movie in my life has always been The Big Blue, or the French version, Le Grand Bleu. This movie is filmed in the Greek Islands, Sicily, South of France, Peru, and New York. It is about the world champion free diver at the time, Jacques Mayol. It’s directed by one of my all time favorite directors, Luc Besson, The score is simply beautiful and I love the main actors, Jean-Marc Barr and Jean Reno. When I was still living back home in Hawaii I was a free diver, as well as Padi certified diver. I worked on many tourist boats and eventually made my way to a Dive Master certification. One of the divers I worked with had a girlfriend who was in a documentary with the real Jacques Mayol. From Mayol directly, she learned some incredible free diving techniques, breathwork, and meditation. She in turn taught me those techniques in between our tank dives while working on the boats. Most of you know that I have such a strong connection to the ocean. Often, I would come up from a dive and turn upside down with my fins on the surface of the water, like  was standing on the sky. I’d just stay there and let my tank run out of air and watch the sky from under the water. If you haven’t seen that view before, I highly urge you to experience it. Holding my  breath for the last moments, I felt like I could stay under there forever, it was so peaceful… So when I heard about the movie The Big Blue (which Mayol co-wrote), I couldn’t wait to watch it. It did not disappoint. Now, keep in mind that it is verrry abstract and it is filmed in the late 80’s, so many people dismiss it. But just seeing the fascinating life of Jacques Mayol put into a film with some great actors and scenery is enough to win the spot of my all-time favorite movie. Kaleo and I have this saying: Underwater Forever. If you ‘get’ this movie, then you will understand.


Wild Thing… I Think I Love you.

I wrote awhile back about how truly excited I was that Spike Jonze was making a non-animated movie of the most awesome children’s book of all time. Welllll folks, it’s out in 12 days! The movie looks FABULOUS, and we all know that I am going to be a babbling cry-baby because I have a feeling that there will be some sad elements to it. Just a hunch. But sad to me and sad to the rest of the world is not always linear. Ask my husband. I don’t know how many times he’s had to fight back a little laugh when he sees my lower lip start to quiver because I see a sad fish in a tank or something. But he is always there with open arms no matter how silly I am.  Awwwwww. But anyway- This book seriously spans like 30-40 years of bedtime story hour. Even little ones today know this book, it’s timeless. Am I the only one who wanted my bedroom painted as a forest so I could imagine my Wild Thing friends coming to get me  for an adventure or an exploration when the lights went out?? I think not. However, I knew a girl when I was a kid who actually DID have a forest mural painted in her room. I think her name was Jennifer Williams? Mom, you can probably remember more than me. Anyway, she had this awesome mural that spanned three walls of her room, stretching allll the way up to the ceiling and when the lights went out there were sparkles or glowy-things that were supposed to look like eyes from the forest peering at you through the trees. Well…even though I considered myself a big girl, I got super duper scared and freaked myself out and her mom had to come in, and so we slept with the lights on!! Ahhh! I was so horribly embarrassed, because I had to be about 9 and probably totally thinking I was this like, cool 4th grader or something… But NOW?? Oh man, I would be so psyched if I was a kid with a forest mural now. Hmm. No, that’s not true, I still occasionally check my closet for monsters and once in a while run from the light switch to leap onto my bed juusst in case there’s something lurking under there hoping to catch my foot. Secret’s out. Whatever, we’re all friends, right? And it never happens when Kaleo is home because DUH, monsters only want to get me when I’m alone and my big, bad husband can’t fight them off. *sigh*        Oh! My! Gosh! I almost forgot! I came across the most amazing thing EVER.


HOW UNBELIEVABLE ARE THESE??? They are just like the ones that little Max wears in the book and now the movie only way cooler because they’re my size! And I want them!! I know you are supposed to be all sexy or whatever for Halloween, but come on! These are the BUSINESS! I would so totally rock these on Halloween. However, I would probably pass out from heat stroke or something, and I would look just a WEE bit silly next to all the sexy pirates, sexy doctors, and sexy teachers. Oooh! I could be a sexy Wild Thing! I just need to wear stripper shoes and a red bra under the fur with the zipper zipped half way down. Hahahahahahahahahaa…….. I am SO kidding.  It has buttons, not zippers silly goose. But really. I would absolutely wear these on Halloween if I was going to maybe Sweden or Canada, somewhere cold. Nope, I will be on a cruise ship heading back from Mexico. Not ideal furry costume weather. But I will wear them in the comfort of my own home, watching movies with Kaleo, who will also be wearing them, he just doesn’t know it yet. Ok, I’m all talk because guar-an-teed he is going to read this blog and call me going: ‘Um, love? You know that I will never wear that thing with the ears, right? Like, seriously. Never.’ Oh but a girl can dream…

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

     I have the absolute greatest memories of my childhood. In fact, if you know me, chances are you have heard me start a sentence with: “Once, when I was little….”
One such memory is going on ‘adventures’ and ‘explorations’ with my brother and sister all over the land behind our house. We came up with the coolest stories about all the treasures we found. It’s funny how when you are young, anything you find is a Treasure, with a story. But as we grow up, we label it Junk. Anyway, one time we even found an old one-room broken down shack that had stacks of books in it. Really gross piles of it, like a harvest for spiders and such. But of course we never thought of that at the time. These books were so fascinating to me because they were all in Japanese. So the writing was down the page instead of across the page. We had no idea what they said, there were no pictures, but I thought the writing was so pretty.
First-We would set out and find a stick. This was the important part. The stick was to help you hike and explore, but most importantly, to ward off the scary creatures we were sure to find. Like the neighbor’s dog. Behind our house was a macadamia nut farm, and to the sides were coffee lands. So there was a lot of exploring to do. We would always find sea shells in the dirt, and since we were about 3000 feet above sea level, this always baffled us. We came up with the idea that a Huuuuge tidal wave washed up over the land and left them there for many many years, and we just happen to find them because we were such great adventurers. I think years later I found out that Opihi shells are used as mulch for the macadamia trees. But isn’t my story so much cooler??
So- one of my absolute favorite books when I was a kid was Where the Wild Things Are. I’m sure most of you know it, it spans generations. I am so happy to announce that Spike Jonz is making a movie adaptation! The link above is to the trailer, and it is SO good. It is not embedded, so just click twice to be taken to youtube. It is exactly how I felt as a kid and went on my adventures! It seriously made me feel 8 again…