Hellooooo there! Spring is in the air… Right now in southern Cali it is 74 degrees and gorgeous. The sun is shining, weather is sweet. We have a new little bird-friend who has been coming to visit, sitting on a wire near our deck. A tiny little humming bird. She is so delicate and sweet, coming to say hi, looking directly at us before flitting away with her tiny little bird wings. She makes this beautiful sound that sounds like Bella’s kisses. Those of you who had the opportunity to meet Bella know what I am talking about. For a moment, K and I think it’s Bella coming to say hi… Perhaps it is. And that makes me smile.

Two years ago, I made a post of some things I was loving at the moment. It surprises me that it was that long ago! Time seems to be just flying by so fast. Wasn’t it just New Years? Man. And now here we are, on the heels of another Spring season! And I am super excited. Cold weather is fun to play dress up in clothes that normally don’t see the front of my closet. But I’ve played enough dress up for a while, I’m ready to bare some skin and play in the sun! So in honor of Spring, I will share a few of my newest favorite things. I can’t believe I missed last year! In my defense, I was in Costa Rica. Yep, baring skin and playing in the sun. 🙂


{fresh, organic veggies from the farmer's market}

I think I’ve blogged about my love affair with our Breville Juicer before. Like the title says, Obsessed. My new favorite recipe is a detoxifying, cleansing, good-for-the-skin juice:

  • one large hot-house cucumber (or 4 Persian cucumbers)
  • a handful of mint
  • a handful of parsley
  • 3 stalks of celery
  • a handful of kale
  • 1 apple
  • 1 seedless clementine orange
Delicious! Of course, my staple is what you see above. Beets, Carrots, Mint, Cucumbers, an Apple, and Ginger (not pictured).

{Austin, Texas}

K and I have so much fun when we go to Austin. I think it’s the whole music vibe they have there. The Ritz Carlton is walking distance from 6th Street, where you definitely want to be at night. I’m not sure if the locals will agree, it might be the tourist thing to do?  But it’s always a blast, nonetheless. It’s my favorite part of Texas, with the laid back hippie feel, and the numerous yoga studios! Whenever K has to go to Austin for tour or to record, I’m always tagging along and we make a mini vacay out of it.


{only the best spy show EVER!}

Ah… Archer. K and I are equally obsessed with this one. Well, maybe he might be juuuusst a tad more obsessed. I was going to put a clip on here, but you what? I just can’t do it. Just in case there are any readers out there who are easily offended or maybe underage…? Oh who am I kidding, I couldn’t choose because they are all too hilarious. Trust me, just watch it. FX on Thursdays. Your welcome.


{Lillet Blanc)

When the weather begins to warm up and you are heading over to a friend’s house for a sunset get-together, Lillet is the perfect aperitif to bring along for the hostess. It’s made mostly of citrus liqueurs from the peels of sweet oranges from Spain and Morocco, and the peels of bitter green oranges from Haiti. In France, we enjoyed it over ice with a slice of orange (or lemon or lime). Back home in Cali, I also squeeze a little juice from a clementine to spruce it up. It’s fairly low in alcohol, so it’s perfect for an afternoon party. And you can find it at Bevmo!


Ah, those damn teen novels. I know I’m way late on this bandwagon, same thing happened with Twilight. I resisted for oh so long, and then K went on tour and I gave in so I could get lost in a story. And so here we are once again. He’s in the recording studio and I gave in to the Hunger Games, since the movie is coming out soon. And I am so glad I did! I’m finishing the second book tonight, and I have the third on deck ready to go. It’s actually a really great story. I’m totally impressed and yes, hooked. Oh, and Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna in the movie?? Yes.


{front view}

{back view}

K and I had a walkthrough at Volcom recently and their new line is sweet! I found my new favorite Springtime shorts. They fit snug, yet not too tight so they are really comfortable and sexy for a casual short. I wore them recently with a longer, silky tank in a cinnamon color with a light wrap and Frye boots that match the tank. It was a little on the cold side that afternoon (okay, it was high 60’s, maybe 70, but I AM from Hawaii, so…), and the boots were my compromise. If you want to find these shorts, I think they are called the Lace Frochiki.


{hand woven socks for yoga}

{wearing the socks}

A dear friend of mine, Michelle, who is an amazing artist in all mediums, hand knits these yoga socks that have the heel and the toes open so they can be worn in a yoga class during those chilly days. Brilliant! She knitted her heart out over the holidays because they were flying out of my boutique. They are cozy, super cute, and very functional. They are also like mini-legwarmers, which we all know are back. 😉 Let me know if anyone wants to place an order! She is really fast.


{Birchbox sampler}

New obsession: The Birchbox sampler! This company is amazing. It’s a once-monthly delivery of designer product samples tailored to fit your interests and needs all for the ridiculously low price of $10 per month, with free shipping. Everything is wrapped so pleasantly and I have to admit, I’ve loved almost all of the samples. If you love something, you can order the full size through their website for a discount. Score! And if there are a few of samples that don’t excite you, just keep them with your gift wrapping supplies, and something might make a nice addition when wrapping a gift for someone.


{Orofluido Hair and Skin Oil}

This stuff is delicious. Just a small amount to the ends of your hair after showering will make it feel so smooth and silky. And my favorite part is rubbing the excess on my skin. The smell is so delightful. Every time I use it after a shower, K says: oh my god you smell amazing… Nuff said. 😉


Lovelovelove this song. Kaleo showed this to me a while back and I can’t stop replaying it. I just adore the subdued 60’s-esque music. Ahhhh swoon. The song is kinda sad, but I’m just in lurve with the music and the video. How Kimbra sings at him and it implies she is yelling to get her point across. Simply brilliant!

SO. There we have some of my faves at the moment. I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous weather if you’re in California! Wow, right? I will write again soon, I’m just really excited about Kaleo coming home this weekend, so it might not be for a few days. 😉

For now, Peace in… Peace out.