Riddle me this…

What do:

A baby shower at a wine bar

Another baby shower at the Riviera beach house

A day at the DelMar racetrack gone bad

Sunset dinners at the Lighthouse

Teaching 10 yoga classes

A party at the Playboy Mansion

A rare workshop in LA with one of my Yoga heroes, Donna Farhi

…all have in common??

Quick Answer: this was my week… whew.

Long answer: I will be posting photos and details shortly. I must get to the beach for a while…. 🙂


Love is Love.

Here in California we are celebrating a victory!  A judge ruled that Prop 8 is unconstitutional, and the ban on gay marriage is lifted. Almost. The opposition still has a few days to appeal. But… appeal? REALLY?? This is such an embarrassment to me as a California resident, as an American, as a HUMAN for crying out loud. Prop 8 should have never been passed in the first place. Who am I or anyone else to say that people who are in love cannot marry? There is absolutely no intelligent basis for this discrimination. Now I might get some interesting comments or emails for saying that, but honestly I really could care less. On the one hand, I am so happy and proud that the ban has been lifted and there is finally marriage equality for all. On the other hand, it makes me sad and kind of disgusted that we are having this ‘fight’ in this day and age. I respect other’s beliefs completely, even if I might not agree with them. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, religious beliefs, etc. But here’s a newsflash: If a gay couple gets married, it won’t affect you! And to say that someone ELSE can’t have the same rights as you do because they are different is just gross. There, I said it. Bring it on.

Love is love. Nothing should get in the way of that. It’s hard enough to find that one person, your soulmate if you will, who completely rocks your world without having people say, “Hmm, yeah. Congratulations on your happiness and everything? But left-handed people can only marry right-handed people sooooo… Sorry, the Law is the Law, Lefty. And by the way, Shame on you for even thinking about it, you weirdo.” Ugh, it’s infuriating. One group raised over $40 million dollars in support of Prop 8. Nice one, how about digging into those pockets in support of HELPING people in need instead of discrimination and hate?

But I digress. What I need to focus on here is the victory of Love having the freedom to choose whether or not it wants to be married. Marriage isn’t for everyone, but everyone should be able to make that decision themselves. So congratulations California, today I am proud to be an American.

Love Sweet Love, Darlin’…

So even though we could not find a live version of Bob performing this song, this is what we are listening to tonight. and… It deserves a post none-the-less. Behold: Mellow Mood. And to all a good night.

~Melanie & Kaleo

Day 6 (11): A Photo of Me Recently

I was bored with the movie I was watching last night and decided to get a little artsy with my camera. Self-portrait time! Oh come on, who hasn’t shot a photo of themselves at one point or another. Don’t judge. 😉 And I am really loving black and white lately. So after I took a few of my feet (I told you I do that occasionally…) I decided to try and take a few of my actual face. But I have short arms, so they usually don’t ever turn out. In fact, you know when you are with some friends and one of you turns the camera around and holds it out to take the photo of all of you? Yes? No? Well anyway, I’m never the camera holder because of my little arms. I end up taking a picture of the top of our heads or one persons nose. Ah well, we can’t have it all. But I am loving the grainy feel to this shot…



Day 5 (9): A Photo I Took

Good morning! I just finished teaching a rocking yoga class of 17 people, and I am super hungry. I get a text from Kaleo: ‘I’m at Hill St. with a table for two if you know any sexy yoga teachers who are hungry.’ Sweet! I wanted to mess with him and send Josie, one of our teachers, but I was excited to see him since he came straight down from Modesto and I haven’t seen him since Friday night. So I raced over there. He looked beautiful, as usual so I snapped a photo. It turned out really good, I think! Has that vintage rockstar feel to it, if you ask me. Here you are:

{my love}

{my love}

This is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Life is Good.


Day 4 (23): YouTube Video

Okay so I’m changing the rules. Since I have been stumped on what my Favorite Book is, I have decided to skip around. I mean, have you SEEN my book case? I probably have about 100 contenders for top ten alone. I love books. In fact, Ulrika’s nickname for me is “Read Bug”. Of course, in her broken Swedish-English she was trying to say Book Worm… 🙂 Anyway, so I am here at home and I get an email. From Kaleo. Hmm, it’s a You Tube video link, I bet this is going to be good. Oh. Is. It. Ever… So, with out further ado, You’re welcome. And… I’m Sorry.

Blog Challenge Day 3: Favorite Television Program

Television. I will say this: I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I really like documentaries, cooking shows (if they are cooking vegetarian meals or desserts), and there are some great cable series’ that I like. And throw in the fact that GGG will be on TV soon, so I should keep my Cox account, regardless. BUT on the other hand, the Boob Tube makes me feel dumber. And dumberer. Reality shows?? I mean, of course I will watch if it’s on, I’m only human. But I feel awful afterwards, like I’ve wasted 30 minutes of my life that I can’t get back. Kaleo and I recently cut our cable waay back to just basic cable that includes History, Discovery, Travel, etc., and we don’t even miss the rest. There are however, a couple of shows that I am looking forward to getting the DVD’s of when they are released and just watching them that way. No waiting, instant gratification. Of course, when Kaleo and I visit my dad’s house, it wouldn’t matter WHAT was on, we always drop down to the floor and zone out. It’s a massive 72″ LCD with surround sound that freaks me out every time we watch a movie there. I’m always half-confused, looking around thinking: Wait, what was that? Is someone on the roof?? Whoa, where did that sound come from? Does anyone else think something weird is going on, or is it just me?! It actually gives me anxiety. No more surround sound for me. But alas, this is a post about my Favorite Television Program, so I must get off of my soapbox and play along. Seeing as I don’t have cable anymore,  I will be watching my two favorite shows (TRUE BLOOD and SONS OF ANARCHY) on DVD by the season so they don’t count. Sorry dad. I am going to say that my favorite show is Whale Wars. Even though I might cry everytime I watch it, it is so great to see the passion that the Sea Shepherd volunteers and Captain Paul Watson have for saving the whales from Japanese whaling ships. If this show brings awareness to just one person about the out of control whaling that goes on in the world, then it is a success. For more information and to become informed on what the International Whaling Commission is doing, please visit Whale Watch.