“There’s that feeling I get when I look to the west, and my spirit is crying for leaving” ~Led Zeppelin

We are back from a much too quick trip home to Hawaii over the weekend. My sweet uncle Frank passed away at the end of the year, and we went home for the funeral services. I want to thank my dad and Renee SO very much for, well, SO many things that they both did for Frank while he was alive and even after.

Thank You.

The funeral was beautiful. My sister and uncles were there with us along with Frank’s friends. We went out on the Manu Kai catamaran in Waikiki and scattered the ashes outside of Diamond Head. The photo in my header was taken looking at Diamond Head from the boat. Cool shot that is rarely seen, it’s usually always the famous angle of Diamond Head that is published. Kaleo’s dad played the guitar beautifully, and when he sang Aloha Oe, there were a couple of whales that were seen nearby. Perfect day. Thanks mom, for the beautiful leis. Thank you again to Kaleo, who is always my rock. Especially when I need him the most. I Love You.

{ View from our hotel, looking at the Manu Kai below }

{ Throwing leis and flowers into the ocean with the ashes }

Kaleo and I have been home twice in the past 6 weeks already, and we are missing it more and more. We love our place in southern California, but Hawaii keeps calling us. The smell when you first get off the plane is indescribable. It’s just… home. We have a few friends who are getting married this year in Kona so we will be going back a couple more times. For sure for Coach and Lani’s wedding, since they definitely won’t be touring at that time. Can’t tour without the Coach. 🙂

In other news, I just hired Whitney as the newest Yoga Oceanside teacher ! We are so excited to have her on our teaching staff. She taught a class this morning and it was amazing… I’m so proud of her and all she’s accomplished. Yay Whit!!! We are going to ride our bikes down to the beach in about an hour for sunset and to take some yoga photos for her bio. The guys get back from Park City after sunset, so it will be perfect timing. Oh yeah, and welcome to the neighborhood guys! Remy and Whitney are now OSide locals! I’m SUPER happy about that. You know how much I love my community.

That’s about it for now. I have lots of exciting things coming up but those will be in another post. I needed to do this one first, to let go. Aloha Oe, Uncle Frank. Love you…



“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

{ Martin Luther King, Jr. }

Hi Friends,

Today is a great day to celebrate Peace. As you know, I usually have a lot to say when it comes to injustice and civil rights, especially in the wake of recent events. Today however, I am going to take Martin Luther King’s lead and come from a place of Peace. He was one of the world’s best known advocates of non-violent social change strategies, and so for today I am stepping down from my soap-box in honor of his efforts. Here are some facts about MLK:

  • Won Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 1964.
  • Was stabbed in 1958 while promoting his book, “Stride Toward Freedom”.
  • Earned Ph.D. in systematic theology in 1955.
  • Graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, in 1948.
  • Birth name: Michael Luther King Jr.
  • Is the only U.S. citizen to have a national holiday dedicated to him.
  • Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” (1963)
  • Subject of the U2 song “Pride (In the Name of Love)” from their 1984 album “The Unforgettable Fire”.
  • He stated that he would not live to be 40. He died aged 39.
  • Among his personal, non-violent reform heroes was Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948).
  • Was a vegetarian.
  • Publicly spoke out against the Vietnam War in 1967.

Join me today by doing something kind for someone, or make every effort to come from a place of respect and kindness when interacting with others.

Enjoy this beautiful day!