Please stay tuned for a State of the Wassmans Address…

Hello! WOW, I think that was the longest I have ever gone without blogging. I have been inundated with comments and emails asking if everything is okay… Thank you all for your concern. To answer some of your questions:

  • No, I wasn’t pushed off the cruise ship by one of Kaleo’s fans.
  • Yes, I am currently in the country (for another 2 weeks)
  • I teach three weekly regular classes, but my studio has a total of 22 weekly classes.
  • Yes, our families and friends in Kona are safe (after the tsunami), Thank You!
  • No, I will not relay the message to Kaleo that you want to be his personal assistant, you cheeky monkey.
  • No thank you, I don’t need one either. We are actually each other’s assistants. 😉
  • And Yes! Everything is absolutely wonderful. Just been oh-so-busy, and well… kinda avoiding the blog. There! I said it!

I just took a look at my Life List and was able to make a couple of updates, yay! I guess I should have added the events of my past month so I could cross them off… I LOVE crossing items off my list. Any list. I will make a list of things I know I am going to be doing JUST so I can cross them off. I’m not alone, admit it. But I have been so busy that the thought of making said list seemed ridiculous and perhaps a little trite. But I can recap a little! Let’s see. A few things:

  • Got my foot tattoo (photo forthcoming)
  • Went on the 311/Pepper cruise to Turks and Caicos (made it safely home thanks to security and the leash Kaleo made me wear. Just kidding. Sort of. Story forthcoming)
  • Did the Street Yoga training, and will be bringing Street Yoga to North County!
  • Planned a private getaway with Kaleo to a foreign land
  • Currently have a great group of Yoga Teacher Trainees going on at the studio
  • Attended a South American MTV event where Kaleo performed for the sweetest girl giving all her bday gifts to charity. Love her!
  • Participated in a rally/march/peaceful protest for my dear friend’s unarmed and innocent brother who was horrifically and fatally shot by LBPD. (More on this to come. I have been trying unsuccessfully for over three months to find the words… It’s so heartbreaking and tragic, friends.)

So in a nutshell, I’ve taken a break from the blog world to live it up in the real world. However, I have missed writing. I’ve even been jotting things down on notebooks and napkins for my book. Sheesh, I feel very unorganized at the moment. But it’s okay. I’m at peace, I’m happy, I’m excited for our trip. We have both been running our wheels like hamsters. Wait, that means we are running without going anywhere, right? Okay, well not that. We have been getting a lot done and it feels good. Hope all of you are well and happy and enjoying life to its fullest!

Peace in, Peace out….