Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. ~Swami Sivananda

Here is a quick photo of Yoga O from the lobby. We opened on the 2nd, but we are having our Grand Opening celebration on January 30th. Free yoga classes, catered Raw food, organic, fair-trade teas and chocolates, a raffle of really good prizes from the yoga community and local restaurants, and a closing Tibetan healing bowls concert/meditation from Deep Prakesh. If you haven’t experienced the bowls you are in for a huge treat! Plus the first 50 people through our doors get a special gift. See you there!



Happy New Year!

I have sat down to post on my blog about 10 times, but each time I see little Bella’s photo I get sad and don’t know what to say… It has been so very hard on both of us with her gone. We miss her every single day. She was our kid, our little girl. I’d like to say that it gets easier every day, but it really doesn’t. Each day is different, some are easier than others. But having Kaleo home throughout the grieving process has been so great, and I am so thankful.

On a happier note, my yoga studio is open! It is so amazingly beautiful, better than I even pictured in my mind while building it. 🙂  I will post some photos soon, as soon as I have time to take some. Kaleo has been taking classes almost every day, so he is keeping to his New Year resolution. I however, neglected to make one this year. I was too busy with the opening and distracted with Bella, so I guess I forgot. Oh! How about: I resolve to give my blog more attention. That is a good one. Ok, that is my resolution. What is yours?