“You have to give people something to dream on.” ~Jimi Hendrix

Hi Friends!

Whew, what a week! We had a new group of Yoga Teacher Trainees begin their 7-day yoga immersion and it was awesome! Such a great group of beautiful yoginis… I’m so happy to have been involved. But almost an 80 hour work week? Of yoga? Yes, it is possible. If I worked that many hours in my previous career, I would have been so grumpy, exhausted, depleted, and pissed off. But doing what I love to do, with wonderful people… I feel elated and energized, and Grateful. So that is where I have been lately. Ooh, quick update: I am bringing a yoga retreat to Santa Barbara this Summer! Here is a link to my yoga blog which has the flier and all the info: Living Ahimsa

I have something very important to do tomorrow and I will write about it after the fact. Assignment for today: Dream On. Hug your loved ones and let them know how important they are. Look in the mirror and say I Love You. Eat at least one meal with no meat.

Love and Aloha,