Ulrika and I in Stockholm

Ulrika and I in Stockholm

In November ’08 I flew to Sweden to visit with one of my closest and dearest friends, Ulrika. Because of my (previous) job, I could only stay there for the weekend. I think I was there for a total of three days. I didn’t even have time to get jet lag! Ulli and I have known each other since she lived here in the US back in 1998 or so. I miss her so much!! Jag alskar dig, sotnos! More pictures to come once I find them in my iPhoto…


One thought on “Sweden

  1. Aweeeee, i love this pictures, how qute are YOU…ha ha im all swollen in this pictures from being super-pregnant (like in the 8th month), gosh NOT the most flattering pictures of me..but i still LOVE it because it ( goood memories) it was so nice having u in my little home and to show u some of my swedish living (evan though it was only for 3 short days)..
    When can u come back, when WHEN……Jag alskar dig tillbaka, my little muse…MY GODNESS i miss yo terribly!
    I love you so much my prescoius!

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