Love Sweet Love, Darlin’…

So even though we could not find a live version of Bob performing this song, this is what we are listening to tonight. and… It deserves a post none-the-less. Behold: Mellow Mood. And to all a good night.

~Melanie & Kaleo


“And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles…” -Led Zeppelin

Kaleo is back on tour, after many months of being home. I have so enjoyed having him around this long… Recording his new album, helping me open the yoga studio, moving into a new house, having amazingly good times filled with laughter and love as well as helping each other through the hard times of losing Bella, Delta, and most recently, Sweet Maria. Even though we have been together 9 and a half years, we have grown even closer than imaginable in these past 6 months. I am so grateful for you, my love, and I can’t wait to see you on the road soon. We have recently been taking advantage of our close proximity to the ocean by going for long walks on the beach. Wow, that sounds so cliche… Actually what we have been doing is taking the train down to Carlsbad to watch the World Cup and then walking back home via the beach. But really, it is so beautiful and serene, and necessary. Did you know that just by being near the ocean, you can replenish yourself of the negative ions your body needs to stay balanced and healthy? It’s true. And by being near something vast and open such as an ocean, lake, mountains, etc., will have a positive effect on your mood, emotions and outlook. Ok, off the subject, sorry. My point is that I have been enjoying our time together immensely. πŸ˜‰

I am teaching a Restorative Yoga workshop with Danielle tomorrow at the studio from 2-5. It will be three hours of bliss… What a wonderful way to spend my day. Taking a yoga class in the morning, and then teaching a workshop in the afternoon where everyone will leave feeling peaceful, relaxed, and… happy. I love that my line of work makes people feel good. It’s hard to believe that a year and a half ago I was in a job where I was so stressed that it made me feel physically ill, working for people who didn’t appreciate what I gave to the company, and at the end of the day, did what I do make anyone feel happy and healthy? That is a resounding NO. Funny how things work out…

I’m excited to head out to Red Rocks soon to visit Kaleo on tour. It’s such a beautiful venue, I recommend everyone seeing a show there once in your life if possible. (bucket list, Linda) It is a natural amphitheater built into the mountain. This time I have to try to make it out to the seats to see what the view is like. I’ve heard it is gorgeous, but I have only seen everything from the view on the stage. Even the greenrooms down below are built into the natural topography of the red rocks. And I get to see some friends who live there and of course my cousin Jasmine! It’s a good time all around. Aaaaand, the other girls from Girls Gone Global are taking a road trip in a Prius to meet me out there! How crazy fun is that?? Makes me feel just a teeny bit guilty for flying out in a big bad airplane, but hey! I have limited time with my sweetie, so there. And he will be flying from Tennessee to meet me so I have to be there faster than driving allll the way in a little. teeny. electric. car. Boom. Ok I’m done and guilt-free.

Red Rocks at night. The stage is waaay down to the right of the photo.

Well it is way past my bedtime and I’m getting sleepy. My sleep has been slightly getting back to normal as of last night, so I’m hoping tonight is a good one so I’m well rested for tomorrow. It always take a couple of days to adjust when Kaleo leaves for tour. Especially in our new house and with no Bella around to snuggle with. I guess have to be a big girl. With jammies, warm almond milk, and a big baseball bat next to my bed. Ha.

Life is good. Really, really good. Right now, make a list of five things that you are grateful for on a piece of paper. Anything, big or small. Maybe you like your feet. Or you have the day off. Or you’re in love. And keep that little piece of paper with you all and day look at it whenever you need to or just want to. Update the list whenever you feel like it. Maybe every morning, or before bed. Just try it and see how it feels for a few days. There are no rules, make your own. Here’s mine for the night:

1. I am grateful for my loving, sweet, kind, beautiful husband
2. I am grateful for my supportive, loving, family
3. I am grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones
4. I am grateful for my big, cozy, fluffy bed that I will be floating on in about ten minutes
5. I am grateful that I make a living by doing something I love, and so does Kaleo

Anyone want to share their list?

Ok, good night all…


“You want to be a writer, don’t know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.” -Paul Simon

Since I rarely have the time to sit down and blog in entirety, I have decided to just mini-post when I get a moment and of course blog-fo-real when I can. So since my last post this is what’s been up in Wassman World… A la Carte and Pupu-Style. πŸ˜‰

1. Kaleo and I celebrated our 8th year of being married! Time certainly flies when you are having the time of your life. Can you believe our humble little wedding on the beach at Makalawena was 8 YEARS AGO?? And things just continue to get better and better. Life is good. I am so grateful for you, my love. Always Underwater, always in love, always my best friend.

2. We adopted a pig! Well, actually we are sponsoring her so she doesn’t live with us. She is a rescued pig at Farm Sanctuary. Please check out the link, they do amazing work and save a lot of animals. I will post an entire blog about them someday soon. For now, here’s a photo of our rescue, Blossom!


3. We went to Vegas for Pepper’s 4th annual Hard Rock Pool summer kick off party this past weekend. It was tons of fun as usual! Ron Jeremy was there for a porn convention of some sort and Yee ran into him and put him on the list. Then it came time for the concert and he asked Coach if he could introduce the band on stage. He was great, and it was hilarious! I was on the opposite side of the stage from him and it was fun to see the legendary Mario Bros lookalike jamming out to Pepper with his bevy of ladies. Ha! Never a dull moment…

4. Kaleo’s hair is so long that he can put it in a ponytail. No joke. I swear. Dad, you would be proud. And if it isn’t in a ponytail (alright, it never really is unless he is joking around), it is a huge ‘fro that is IN CHARGE. Uncle Danny would be proud.

5. Yoga Oceanside has been open for almost six months! I can’t believe it has been that long already. We just hired another teacher who is going to be starting an active, Ashtanga based class in July, which I am SO excited about. She is a amazing teacher who has been studying with Tim Miller for many years. Everything about our studio makes me happy. From our space to our students, our teachers and our classes, it’s all incredible and I am so grateful. I know, I always say that but I AM!! It’s true!

6. Kaleo is getting ready to head back on tour with 311 next week. And the new songs for the new album are GREAT…… I am really excited, this is going to be the best album yet. I can feel it.

7. I taught my first Ayurveda workshop for the Yoga Teacher Trainees last week! I’m still taking courses in my program from the Ayurvedic Institute, so I haven’t received my certification yet. But this was just an Introduction to Ayurveda so we didn’t get too much into diagnostics and practice. I love life, there is so much to learn! It’s never-ending….

So that’s about it for now. I suppose a few short updates are better than one long one a month, right? Sooo that means I will be back very soon. Enjoy this gorgeous day!


She looks like a five year old who just found out there’s a pony at her party…

Hello everyone! I had such an amazing birthday… Thank you to Kaleo for organizing the most incredible, action-packed, surprise-filled, it’s-all-about-me-because-it’s-MY-birthday-Bitches!!!-birthday-week EVER. You are wonderful and thoughtful and and I love you so much! And to everyone who helped him and celebrated with me… I love you! I still can’t believe you pulled off the big surprise of Leyla flying in from Belize and pretending she worked at Roy’s to pour me some champagne at my birthday brunch…!!?!?! You are all awesome. I will post some photos soon, I promise. It was an entire WEEK of non-stop fun. And I am so glad it’s over because I am exhausted. I secretly think that Kaleo did this whole birthday week thing on purpose so that I would learn my lesson and not want a birthday month next year. By the time the last day of BDW (birth day week) came around I was like: “Do we HAVE toooo?? I’m so tiiirred….!” But of course I had a blast every minute of every day. He wouldn’t tell me what was happening until the morning of the day we were to do whatever activity he had planned. And we ALL know how bad I am with surprises. Me: “But, Lovvve! How am I supposed to know what to WEAR?! Pleeease telll meee!” But as usual, he was a rock and wouldn’t budge. Ugh, he slays me sometimes with his will power to say no to me! Even though I can be the Biggest Brat. With or without Monster Face. He just looks at me with that (ok, ok, adorable) smirk on his face and says nothing. Ugh. Anyway, so on one of the days of BDW, Remy and Whitney hosted a lovely party at their house on the beach (thanks guys!!) and for a girl who loves to be the center of attention in theory, I really have a hard time to actually BE the center of attention when it comes down to it. Weird? Maybe. But I just felt so humbled and grateful that everyone was there to celebrate with me. And the next day as we were heading down to SD to have a birthday brunch at Roys, Kaleo said he had to make a quick stop in Solana Beach. He had the map app on his iPhone set but he kept missing a turn to wherever he was headed. Something caught my eye… Me: “Um…babe? Are we looking for… CUPCAKE LOVE!?!?! (my eyes and smile huugge at this point in anticipation because I lurve me some cupcakes)… By the way, they were really delicious. Cupcake Love in Solana, check it.Β And then we get to Roy’s and Remy and Whitney are already there with my other brother Haj and his lovely lady Kezzie. How cool! Brunch at Roy’s with Kaleo and family. I’m such a lucky girl. Then the waitress comes up next to me and – Wait. I recognize that -voice… from..somewh…. LEYLA??! ARE YOU WORKING HERE NOW??? Everyone of course started cracking up as I lost it and started to cry tears of joy. Of course she wasn’t working there! She came in from her trip to Belize to surprise me for my BDW! She even wore the Roy’s waiter outfit and everything. It was all so thoughtful and way too much. The card that Kaleo wrote to me was so sweet and loving that I don’t any other gift from him will ever compare. He is such a talented writer with a gift for words, but once again I was blown away by his ability to put beautiful thoughts into even more beautiful words in a card. *sigh* Again, I am humbled and grateful to everyone for making this the best birthday. Thank you all! And Kaleo, you especially Rock my World. I love you.

RIP Sashimi. You will be missed, little buddy.

*not really Sashimi, I got the photo from the web

This morning my sweet little Betta, Sashimi, passed away. He was beautiful and red just like the photo above. It isn’t him however, since I never really thought to take a picture of him. I don’t know why. I take pictures of my feet, why not of my little fish?? Oh well, it’s too late now. I just buried him. I just couldn’t FLUSH him. Ew. he deserved better than that. I buried him in one of my plants. Sashimi was my rescue fish. I got him from a sushi restaurant. He was being used as decoration and was really shriveled and sad looking. The water was cloudy and he had to watch fish being served to people everyday. No life for a fish. That’s like us living in a small, unsanitary environment watching people eat people for dinner and barely having a daily meal because our keepers are too busy. That bummed me out. So I asked the owner if I could take him home and he said yes! He gave him to me in a bowl and thanked me for taking care of him. I was so happy! And then I looked at Kaleo and the look on his face was priceless…

See, this was my second time doing this. Cut to: about a year prior. We were in Del Mar at another sushi place and there was a sickly, sad little blue Betta in a bowl watching us eat. There were about 6 of us at dinner but my attention was on this poor little guy. I devised a plan. I went to the bathroom and asked the waitress if I could rescue the fish. She looked shocked and said, Oh my god! Is it still alive?! Yes please take it but feed it as soon as you get home I don’t know if anyone has ever fed that thing! So she gave me a styrofoam coffee cup and we put the fish in it and continued with dinner. I kind of joked around with Kaleo and our friends about saving a fish from a sushi restaurant, haha, wouldn’t that be ironic, haha, it’s really cruel to have them there anyway, haha, that’s something Melanie would totally do, haha. HAHA. I had the damn fish in that coffee cup in my purse the whole time!! So we get into the car to drive home and me, not being one to keep secrets, blurted out: So…Uh.. I have the fish. Kaleo was like, Um what do you mean you have the fish? ME: You know.. THE FISH. Kaleo: Oh my god babe, are you telling me you stole that little dying fish from the sushi restaurant???! ME: No! I didn’t steal it… I mean, yes, I HAVE the fish but they gave it to me. I mean… they practically BEGGED me to take it! Love, it NEEEEDS me! It’s going to DIIEE! (big major pouty face here) Kaleo (being the most awesome husband in the whole entire Universe): Whoa, ok babe. You can have the fish but make sure it doesn’t spill in my car. (thoughtful pause) I can’t believe you just rescued a fish from a sushi restaurant. (another pause) Actually, yes I can. (totally shaking his head and laughing at me)

So goes the story of my first rescue. He was special. In a crooked tail, scared of food pellets, swimming in to the glass wall of his tank kind of way. But I loved him. and eventually buried him. So when I found another chance to save a Betta from the same cruel fate, I jumped at it. And we had him for almost two years and he grew to be such a huge, beautiful, healthy fish. All they need is love, food, clean water and more love. And a warm tank, if possible. You never really think of fish as friendly pets, but he would follow me in his tank. If I was sitting on the couch by him he would hang out next to me. If I got up and was doing something in the other room, he would go to that side of the tank and wait for me. So sweet. Well, little one, we loved you and we will miss you…

~Melanie (and Kaleo)

“Take into consideration that you just did that.” ~the p90x guy

Hey there! I’m not even going to apologize for the late posts anymore because I sound like a broken record. So, Bloggie Blog, My Little Blogolicious, I guess I’m not sorry. I do think about you all the time, and wish I had more time to give you … But the truth is, I kind of don’t. I mean, we can totally hang out and write if I don’t have a better offer like dinner with my husband, or a yoga class. But seriously, it’s not you, it’s me. And NO, I do not have another blog, I swear. Still friends? Ok moving along..

Most of you by now have either: 1) talked to me over the phone to hear all about my Adventure in SB or 2) Seen me in person and noticed the huuuuge bruises and scratches up and down my arms. I will get right to it and show some long-promised photos.

This is me practicing on the ground, actual LAND, until the instructors deemed me ready to launch off the MOUNTAIN. You heard me.

Still practicing, yes. Still not ready, nope. This is why all of our arms are bruised and tore up. We had to run forward while trying to lift the parachute off the ground while the straps were up and down our arms and pulling us backwards. I was running in place at one point. Sure, they tell you to wear long sleeves, but it was hot and we were on camera and the tank tops looked cuter, and blah, blah blah.

Behind the instructor you see Camera 1. Behind him you see, oh I don’t know, the edge??

Way down there is where we were to land. You can kind of see Camera 2 if you look really really hard. He’s a speck on the grass.

Kim and I contemplating our first jump. Sorry, LAUNCH. They don’t call it jumping. And by “they”, I mean this group of people called Paragliders that do this sort of thing all over the world. Which, by the way, we are now card holding pilots. Mmm-Hmm.

Kim’s first launch! She is still on the slope before it drops off, literally under your feet. You are supposed to keep running in case you touch down before the edge other wise you might be dragged. I kept running until the instructor calmly said to me via the walkie-talkie strapped to my chest, “Ok Melanie, you’re doing great. You can stop running now and relax because you are 250 feet in the air.” Ha! Smart Ass.

Not one of my finer moments of the day… I neglected to ‘keep running’ and a gust of wind blew me and my parachute to the right and I was being dragged butt first. Don’t you love how everyone looks so concerned? It’s ok, guys, I’m wearing a helmet!

And lift-off…! The feeling was so incredible when the Earth just gave way and I was totally flying.

So when you are up there you never want it to end. Each flight only lasts up to a minute. You do your S-turns and maneuver yourself right over the landing area. They say to aim for the big cones that they have down there. Of course Eden took him literally and landed RIGHT on the cone. Very accurate landing in our book. I mean, he could have said, Aim for the cone but don’t hit it, or Aim for the cone and land to the right of it, you know? It was such a great experience, and I am so grateful to Eden and GGG! I will totally do this again. Maybe in Brazil? Count me in. The guys that run it happen to be Pepper fans, (what, what?) and I am looking forward to bringing Kaleo and the boys up there the next time we are in Santa Barbara for a show.

Me and Eden on the beach at sunset after our fun, but exhausting day.

Aww, I miss you girls already. Where to next??

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I often invite my students to smile during a class. Physiologically speaking, by clenching your teeth and tightening your jaw, your body is sending your sympathetic nervous system a message: “All is not well, we are in fight or flight mode.” Subsequently, your breath will shorten or perhaps you will hold your breath without realizing it, your blood pressure will rise, and your heart rate will quicken. All of this sends distress signals throughout your system. Not a good way to plug through a yoga class. Or any daily activity, for that matter. But with the simple act of a smile you can release the tension in your jaw. Thus relaxing your teeth and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to take over and balance your body. You will remember to exhale, and amazingly a sense of calm will return like a wave. It’s an amazing way to release tension. But a smile does so much more. I’m sure most of you have heard the tip: “Smile whenever you answer the phone.” It sends a message of receptivity and joy, even if you are not feeling very receptive or joyful at the time. The smile also has the power to turn someones day around. Just one smile! I always try to remember to be nice to people because you never know what is going on in their life or even just at that moment. We always hear people say, ‘Well there’s always someone worse off than I am.’. Ugh, really?? Even though it is probably true, that saying really bugs me. It’s like saying ‘My life sucks, but at least I’m comforted that someone else is suffering more than I am.’… Why not agree that we are all connected, and even if you have nothing to physically give to another human, at least you can offer a kind smile. πŸ™‚

A few things that make me smile:

πŸ™‚ Going to the local farmers market with Kaleo and filling our basket with organic fruits and veggies.

πŸ™‚ Coming home from the yoga studio and finding out that Kaleo has just gone to the farmers market and brought me some beautiful flowers and homemade fudge!

πŸ™‚ My friends. I have AMAZING friends who are not only ridiculously gorgeous, but also have the most incredible hearts and minds. They are so supportive, loving, hilarious, kind, unique and successful, each in their own way. I love you all.

πŸ™‚ My family who has always been there for me, no matter what crazy phase I was going through. They have always been a source of encouragement, support and constant love.

πŸ™‚ Laughing with my husband so hard until I have no idea if I am laughing at myself or not. Even typing that made me crack up. You might not get it completely, but he certainly will.

πŸ™‚ Clean, soft, matching socks.

πŸ™‚ Tank tops with scarves. So I am still warm, but with no constricting arm-things.

πŸ™‚ Silly picture texting with Kaleo. I mean, like trying to write an entire paragraph using just the Emoji app on iPhone. It’s hil-a-rious. Oh, and with Eden too for that matter! Wait, did you mean to say Rainbow Happy Poop?! What is a Rainbow Happy Poop??

πŸ™‚ Knowing that Kaleo is coming home soon, whether it be from tour or the studio. I get giddy like a schoolgirl. Everything in the house has to be just right and dinner has to be planned. It’s so fun.

πŸ™‚ Swiffer-ing. I am obsessed with it. Now that we have hardwood floors I am constantly doing it. They now have all these other Swiffer-thingys that do much more like spray and mop, but I am a purist. Just the O.G. Swiffer for me thank you very much.

πŸ™‚ A hot bath with dead sea salts. My new fave. I’m surprised I am not a constant prune with all of the baths I’ve been taking since we moved into the new house. I will come home from the studio at noon and take a bath if I want to. So there.

πŸ™‚ Writing about things that make me happy make me even more happy. It’s all about gratitude. I’m so grateful for my life, which just opens the Universe to the Law of Abundance. More happiness, more smiles, and yes, even more clean, soft, matching socks.

What makes YOU happy?

~ Melanie