Dipping my toes in the water once again…



Well well well. I almost forgot my login info for this blog, but then I remembered it’s the same for just about everything. So now I must go and change it because I just gave away too much information. My life has been a whirlwind of blissful adventure and hard work, and everything in between. And it’s been amaze! I thought I’d do a quick post here that I found an inspiration from another blog. I couldn’t even begin to know where to start a regular post, since it’s been too long. So here goes… And yes, that is me with Gladys the Unicorn. Swoon. 



Taking Stock:

Making: new formulas and products for Spell Botanicals, my organic skin care line.
Cooking: healthy… sustainable fish and organic veggies lately. and I’m eating lots of yummy berries. Nom.
Drinking: Carlsbad alkaline water. 
Reading: The Gift of Healing Herbs
Wanting: to go to the beach before I teach yoga this afternoon. 
Looking: at my gorgeous love while he naps.
Playing: Joao Gilberto
Wasting: time writing this post. Eek.
Wishing: upon a star.
Enjoying: Kaleo being home.
Waiting: for my birthday trip in 3 weeks. K plays in Monterey that weekend, so we are making a vacay out of it. 
Liking: hearing the birds outside our window all day. I’m the obsessed bird lady. 
Wondering: the dates of the Fall tour, so I can buy our tickets home for Remy and Whitney’s wedding! 
Loving: Life and everything in it. 
Hoping: That my final projects for the Master Herbalist portion of my degree go well.
Marveling: at the beauty that surrounds us where we live. 
Needing: to get a pedicure. 
Smelling: Tuberose essential oil.
Wearing: Yoga clothes. Duh. 
Noticing: How we can effect another persons day by just being kind. 
Knowing: amazing people. I’m seriously surrounded by them. 
Thinking: Always. Always thinking. 
Bookmarking: I’d love to say something cool here, like websites, recipes, etc. But I’m just bookmarking my schoolbooks at the moment. 
Opening: my mind, daily. To all of life’s possibilities. 
Giggling: all. the. time. Kaleo and I are constantly laughing. 
Feeling: Grateful. 


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