“You yourself, as much as anybody in the Universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

I have a dear friend who has so much love to give, so much beauty within (and out), and has an abundance of kindness and compassion for all living things. Yet, she doesn’t realize how utterly amazing she is. Do you know anyone like that? Have you ever felt that way about yourself? Have you ever doubted your self-worth? I can say unequivocally that I have. But it’s always easier to see the beauty in others and miss or deny the beauty and fabulousness of ourselves.

It is so important to remember that what we see in others is a mirror of ourselves! Yes, the kindness we receive from another? We have that. The beauty we see in a loved one or a stranger? We are that beautiful! Of course it goes the other way as well. The stubbornness or not-so-lovely quality we may see in someone? We probably know on a deeper level that those qualities too, are within us, and it’s something we want to work on. That’s why feel irritated. They are mirrors of us.

It breaks my heart when I see someone who is afraid to let their light shine. Someone who looks like they don’t want to “take up space”. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I have felt that way before. Our shoulders begin to round forward. Our voice becomes little and apologetic… We don’t want to be seen.

Once, my sweet friend actually apologized when I walked near her like she was in my way. I wanted to grab her and hug her and tell her to never do that again! But I didn’t want to call attention to her in front of the others that were, there because I knew she was so shy. I wanted to tell her that if she could see herself like I see her, or like everyone sees her… she would walk a little taller, speak her truth a little louder, let her light shine bright. Because she would see how amazing she truly is.

As kindred spirits and loving souls, we have a big responsibility. We need to encourage others to be the best they can be, to be proud of who they are, whoever and whatever that may be. To believe in themselves and shine bright so that others may be inspired to do the same. It starts with loving who WE are, and believing in our own truth. We all have something wonderful to share with the world. It’s up to us to recognize it, to believe in it, to bring it.

As for my friend, she could be any one of us. You never know when you see someone, what they may be going through. Let us all greet each other with a compassionate heart. From the words of Mother Theresa, “Let us all meet each other with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love.”





8 thoughts on ““You yourself, as much as anybody in the Universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

    • Hi Kaia! I think of you often. Your babies are getting so big and gorgeous! I see them on Insta. Miss you and everyone back home. I think we will be back in December. Let’s meet up again at Halekoa.

  1. I’ve felt this way plenty of times. This blog perfectly reflects my feelings of self doubt. Thanks for the reminder that we all are beautiful and have so much to give in our own ways.

    Xoxo. You do not know what an impact you have made in my life. You’re amazing.

    • Hey sweet girl! You are so incredible. You bring joy to many just by being who you are. Remember that. It was nice to hear from you recently out of the blue. 🙂 Hope all is well.

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