“’Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?’ ‘Supposing it didn’t,’ said Pooh. After careful thought, Piglet was comforted by this.”

What kind of day are you going to have today?

One of our favorite things to say at night is: “Tell me about your perfect day tomorrow.” And then each one of us describes what our ideal day will be like. And you know what? It’s works. Now, I don’t necessarily mean that if I say that I want to fly to Brazil in the morning, we just hop on the plane. But we describe how our day will play out with all of the things that are already on our schedule, and of course adding the events that we want to happen. It’s a little manifestation practice that shows immediate, positive results. And you will be so pleasantly surprised at how your outlook on your day changes when you are focusing on the positive, perfect day you have already created in your mind.

Alright, so I can almost hear the nay-sayers out there: Yeah ok, but what if I have the day from hell tomorrow, and I’m just dreading everything about it?

Very good question. My opinion? Your day is going to happen anyway. You might as well accept it for what it is. I mean, a person can find anything to complain about, no matter what the circumstance.  Coming into your day with the dreadful feeling of, Ugh, this is going to be such an awful day, I can’t believe I have do this, why can’t I just get a break, I have the worst (insert here: life, job, luck, etc) ever. Getting into a negative state of mind will not make your day any easier, more positive, or any better at all. The only thing you can control? Your outlook and your thoughts. Again, your day is going to happen anyway. Embrace it with dignity and a positive frame of mind, and push through. You will come out of it on the other end with a feeling of accomplishment and peace.

So what if you aren’t facing a crappy day, you just aren’t really inspired to chase rainbows and butterflies? Another good question!

My answer to that is, well why not?? Why can’t you make up your mind to have the Best. Day. Ever. Each and every day? It doesn’t have to be a day filled with activities, decadence, shopping, dates, whatever floats your boat. It can be a simple day of a phone call to a friend, making a pot of your favorite tea and cuddling up with a good book, taking your dog for a walk, making your loved one’s favorite dinner, laughing hysterically with friends, anything that brings joy to your heart. If you look to the simple pleasures in life, the things that really make you happy… You will find inner happiness. This is the happiness that buying a new purse can’t give. This is the happiness that warms your heart and makes you smile from the inside. This is the happiness that inspires you to want to make others happy as well.

And we all have it in us. We all have the ability to take control of our own day, and make it a great one. Just as we all have the ability to face a difficult day with grace and make it to the other side. You know… the side where the rainbows and butterflies live. 😉

Reading: A Stolen Life- A Memoir
Drinking: Mama Chia (Blackberry Hibsicus) – One of my yoga students started the company and I am hooked!
Grateful for: My gorgeous hubby who inspires me to have the Perfect Day, everyday
Listening to: Beautiful day by Donavon Frankenreiter

19 thoughts on ““’Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?’ ‘Supposing it didn’t,’ said Pooh. After careful thought, Piglet was comforted by this.”

  1. Seriously Mel, I swear you always manage to publish something at the exact moment when I need a swift reminder of some important lesson. I LITERALLY just hit send on a email about how my day way crap simply because some dermatologist told me my legs were ugly because of all my surgery scars. It managed to ruin my whole morning & for the first time made me realize that others don’t necessarily see my scars as things of beauty & strength…so I was moping….and then BAM…this post popped into my inbox. Thank you friend for doing greatness without even knowing it 🙂

    • Hi Allison! You totally popped into my mind recently! Wow, I am shocked that a doctor would be so insensitive. I happen to think that scars ARE very beautiful and are reminders of what we have overcome, little, or huge. I embrace each one of my scars with the knowledge that they are a part of my life and make up the person I have become by living my life. There is a very beautiful model named Padma Lakshmi who you might know from the Food Network. She has a large scar down her entire bicep, measuring probably almost 10 inches (she’s a model, she’s tall). Many of the shoots she was on always covered it up with make up until one day she said no more, I am proud of my scar and I want others to be empowered to show theirs as well. I love her for that!
      Anyway, I hope you are well and happy and still doing yoga! Hope to see you somewhere in the country someday… xoxo

      • Yes we will eventually get back to our random visits in all parts of the country– I’m currently in Nashville & am finally finished with all my surgeries so a California trip is in order soon! Yoga will be starting back up as soon as I get clearance from the physical therapist but I did direct a sweet friend from Alabama to a yoga workshop at my old studio in Indianapolis and she fell in love! I too think my scars are things a beauty & strength and am SOOOO thankful to have a wonderful guy that reminds me of that often 🙂 I think of Padma often when I get a little bummy about them – shes such a wonderful role model! I hope to see you soon friend!

  2. Have I told you lately that I love you? If not.. I LOVE YOU MELANIE. that was so beautifully written. As you know I am in the South of France with amazing people, visiting sacred feminine sites and tomorrow… I am going to have the Best. Day. Ever. And your post will be a large contributor. Its almost midnight hear but tomorrow night after dinner I am going to read it to everyone in fact.. Then the next day they can all have the Best. Day. Ever. See you soon lovey!! Xoxoxoxoxxo Vegas! Btw- I love Peeper. Hahahahahahahahahha xoxoxooxo

    • Oh my gosh, I miss you so much already!! I can’t wait for you to come home so you can tell me all about your 2 month Euro vacay. Sending you and Angie lots and lots of love. Have the best day ever tomorrow!!!!

  3. Just read it to Angie..( I would text u this but the texts are mucho dinero and the wifi comments are free!!) she said “ahhh I love that.. Melanie is a true yogi” while all cuddled up under our blankie.. Nighty night with love from Francais. Miss you so much. Xo

  4. WOW WOW WOW! What an awesome post. You are one special gal. I have had a stressful day at work so far, being chewed out by my boss, writing tons of emails etc. YOU just turned my whole day around. My way of thinking about how bad this day was going, has changed completely. I am excited about my day off tomorrow, I can’t wait to lay out in the sun & put my feet in the sand. Also just started writing in a journal. . All my crazy thoughts 🙂 I have been eating healthy & running a lot. GETTING IN SHAPE. These are things to be proud of! Thank you so much for bringing light into the office today..
    You are beautiful and I am proud to say that you are that one gem in my life that keeps me happy at all times. Xo with love.

    • Sounds like you are already on track to having more perfect days, Ang! Journaling, eating healthy, running… Awesome! You are so right, it is all things to be proud of, girl. Have a beautiful rest of your day! xoxo

  5. PS. I love that you and your hubby talk about “Your perfect day tomorrow” Makes me smile! You two are perfect for each other.

    Beautiful Beautiful People…

  6. I was dreading yesterday – I def thought it was going to be a crappy day as Mr Piglet dragged me along to the new shopping centre, about 45 mins drive away. I hate shopping for clothes: I can never buy what I like as I’m too fat! So I went in a sulk. My mood suddenly changed when I spotted the most adorable winnie the pooh “piglet” soft toy. I immediatly bought it for our baby grandaughter “Baby piglet” and my whole mood changed and my purchase suddenly brought a spring to my step and crappy turned happy!

  7. I just love love love this post. I’ve been super stressed and have felt myself become negative about many things recently. After reading this yesterday my spirits were instantly lifted and they are still up! I’ve already shared this with many friends and family who all appreciated your inspiration as much as I have. I look forward to starting each day with this state of mind from now on, thank you! 🙂

    • It’s amazing how our negative feelings can take over so easily, isn’t it? But when we make that conscious effort to think positively, those positive thoughts can just as easily take over if we let them. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words. They always inspire me!

  8. I have been reading your posts for a few months now, never commenting. Yeah, I’m one of those. But I am compelled to tell you now that … you are such an inspiration. You have such a wonderful, positive outlook on life that I can’t help but be uplifted whenever I read your posts. Your good vibes rub off on me and give me a better day. Thank you for being the wonderful, beautiful person that you are. And thank you for sharing yourself with the world. You make it a better place. …. If I could hug you now, I would. ^_^

    • Aww I will take that hug thanks! And thank you for your kind words, which are an inspiration me to keep writing. You have no idea how many times I think I’m going to stop for one reason or another. Have a beautiful day!!

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