Sometimes I think my iPod can read my mind.

Today is more beautiful than yesterday, if it’s even possible! Spring is finally here. I am reading a wonderful book called The Heart Speaks, and since it’s so gorgeous out I decided to take my reading out on my deck for some vitamin D. Which, we all know, is a nice way of saying getting some sun. So I brought out my iPod deck, water, sunscreen and relaxed into bliss. I put the music on shuffle and every song that came on was perfect for the moment. No fast forwarding at all! And I have a LOT of eclectic music. Some of which would not go together whatsoever. So I rewinded a bit and wrote down the songs to create a playlist for you. Each one of the songs brings back some great memories. Hope you enjoy some of them…
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2 thoughts on “Sometimes I think my iPod can read my mind.

  1. Right Down the Line by Gerry Rafferty is one of my favorites! I look forward to checking out the other stuff on your list (most of which I have never heard of). 🙂

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