The one where I let go of an irrational fear. Or… How the crows won me over.

You might have known about my silly fear of crows from this post. Since we moved to Oceanside, I have been facing that fear head-on. There are SO many crows here, right in front of my house and outside of my bedroom window… it’s ridiculous. But over the past 10 months, I have gotten to know a few of them. Or maybe they have gotten to know me? I once heard on NPR that crows are able to recognize individual people, and that if they feel wronged by you, they will follow you and your family and annoy the shit out of you. At parks, ATMs, parking lots, etc. I swear I’m not making this up, go here. I mean, how creepy is that?! Anyway, I was working from home one day and I heard a bunch of crows going nuts. They were cawing and squawking super LOUD and swarming like in the Alfred Hitchcock movie the Birds. There must have been about 200 of them, I swear, right outside of my living room. I wanted to peak my head out and see what was going on, but I was terrified. I couldn’t make sense of any of it, and it lasted for about a full half hour. Finally I saw Whitney’s car pull up but she didn’t get out so I cracked my front door open and looked outside…

There was a crow stuck in some fishing line hanging by one wing out of the tree across the street. Flapping his free wing, screeching, and basically freaking out. My mind immediately switched from fear mode to I’m-going-to-save-this-bird’s-life-even-if-I-have-to-climb-the-tree-in-my-jammies mode. But what could I seriously do?? I had no ladder, and the tree was so big that even if I climbed it I wouldn’t be able to reach the bird. All of his crow friends and family were still basically yelling, Save Him He’s Caught! Help, Help! Around and around in circles which added to the urgency I felt and panic the poor crow felt, I’m sure.

Just then, one of the local homeless guys walked up the alley down the road to see what was happening, saw the crow and immediately started looking around for a solution to the problem. Not a minute later another man in a small SUV pulled up and got out of his car. I was feeling helpless, in the way, and still a little fearful so I stayed put and watched from my doorstep. The two men began their rescue mission: SUV guy quickly backed his car up over the sidewalk near the hanging bird while homeless guy directed him to the closest proximity. After a couple of tries they found the best place to get on top of the SUV and grab the fishing line. SUV guy carefully pulled the bird over to where to homeless guy was and they ever-so-gently cut the line and dropped the bird into homeless guys arms. He then carefully brought Crow to the grass and held him for a minute calming him down while SUV guy untangled the wing from captivity.

With amazing teamwork between two people who had never met before, they freed Crow. I was clapping from my doorstep, Whitney was still in her car watching, and the two men slowly backed away from Crow to give him some breathing room. At this point I realized that the flock of circling, yelling crow-friends had quieted down and were slowly dispersing. Some were still around but were just watching from telephone wires and poles, sensing that the danger was over. We were worried that Crow was going to be unable to fly because surely he had broken his wing, when all of a sudden he took off! He flew up to the nearest telephone pole and sat for a few minutes catching his breath.

At this point we all laughed out of relief and the men thanked each other for the help. I was almost crying with joy because if you know me you know that suffering animals completely break my heart. We looked up at the pole to see Crow fly away and join the few others that were waiting around eagerly….

I’m telling this story for a few reasons:

1. If life gives you an opportunity to face a fear head on and possibly let go of the fear, then take it as a gift and learn from the experience. I am now fearless when it comes to the huge black bird-beasts that wake me up cawing outside our window in the morning. Sometimes annoyed, sure. But not afraid. Besides, I really don’t want to piss them off and have them follow me everywhere… That is so bizarre.

2. The fact that two men who had never met, never spoken before, one homeless and the other passing by in his trendy little SUV… came together without question and immediately came up with a solution to saving the life of this bird. They worked together like a seamless, compassionate team, and it was so awesome to watch. When we watched Crow fly away finally, they walked over to one another and did that man-handshake/other hand slapping on the back thing that guys do. I don’t what else to call it, but now that I pointed it out you will totally notice it. But it was beautiful in this time and place.

3. These crows, man. They take care of their OWN! You should have seen them circling and freaking out until we nonchalant, fearful little humans noticed and took action. Ok, I am the only fearful human in this story. Actually no, Whitney you didn’t get out of your car until it was over, ha! Anyway, the birds were not about to let up and sit and watch Crow die. And that, my friends, is pretty cool. We can learn a lot from them when it comes to loyalty and not giving up. Total heart. We now call them SAMCRO.

So that is my little Crow story. Anyway, I am home now with my love. What a long and great tour that was. I met so many fabulous people, amazing fans, and hard working sweet street teamers on this tour. Every single one of you rock. I will be posting more soon with photos, etc. Enjoy this gorgeous day!



6 thoughts on “The one where I let go of an irrational fear. Or… How the crows won me over.

  1. Thanks Mel, for a good morning cry. This is a very moving story. Maybe you should try talking to the crows when they are making too much noise and they may stop.

  2. Hey beautiful girl! your lovely comment made my day 🙂 I definitely want to come to Santa barbara and see you when you go! Its only 4 hours away 😉 Thats so Ironic you just wrote about your “irrational” fear of crows today because I was talking to a friend about my Irrational fear of pray-mantis’s (? I think thats what they are called plural?) Anywho I miss you and we need to have an adventure together ASAP!

    • 4 hours away… Wait, WHERE are you these days? SC? Or…? I can’t keep up with your travels, which is a good thing. That means you are living life well. Yeah, Praying Mantises (??) are kinda creepy, I have to agree. And don’t they bite their mate’s head off after sex? That is ALL kinds of messed up.
      I miss you too! Where should our next adventure be? I’m in! What are you doing for New Years Eve?

  3. Im in Santa Cruz!! Come visit meeeee!! haha yeah they bite their heads off after sex! Those girls are craaazy!

    hrm…Next adventure..Roadtrip?? Lets go somewhere we have never been before! even if that means I come down there and we go to some weird dive bar or town we have never been to!

    I have no new years eve plans yet! I might stay in SC or go to SF, not too sure yet. What about you? are you going to be in Hawaii for new years? I finally booked my ticket to kauai! Jan 10-24th ❤ heaven!

    I miss you! and Im serious about that adventure 😉

    • Lucky girl! I was only on Kauai for one day… AND two of my best friends live there so it was much too short. If you still don’t have NYE plans text me and I will let you know what we are up to!

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