You gotta dance closer to the ones that you love…

Quick update before Kaleo and I hop the train to Anaheim…

First of all, I wanted to share the song I was listening to this morning while I was packing my bag for the next couple of days:

Fantastic Nordic lounge music from a Swedish producer who goes by the name of Hird. I highly recommend  his stuff.

Today Kaleo kicks off his 9 week US headlining tour with two nights at the Grove in Anaheim. We will be getting a room up there for the next couple of nights, moving him back into their new tour bus, and saying our goodbyes Early Friday morning. (huge pout) But only for a couple of weeks, until I fly out to meet up with him again somewhere fun. Definitely NYC, other than that I have yet to decide. I am really looking forward to these next few days though. Some director is going to be filming a 3D video at tonights show which should be interesting. I am really curious to see how many naughty nurse outfits show up in the next couple of days, ha! I know what I am not going to be for Halloween. It’s always lame when you get all dressed up and there is someone else wearing the same costume as you, or something similar, let alone about 100 others wearing the same thing! But I think it’s really fun that people are willing to come dressed up to a concert. Major kudos. I sometimes even have a hard time changing from my jammies or yoga clothes while lounging on the tour bus, into an actual outfit for the show. Ahh the comforts of home on the road…

Happy birthday (yesterday)to my mom in Kona! We love you so much. I hope your day was wonderful!! Also, a happy birthday (yesterday) to Haj’s baby!! He was born at 10:55am and he is BEAUTIFUL. Perfect. Just precious… Mommy, daddy and baby are all doing well, and I can’t wait to meet the little heartbreaker when I get home on Friday.

Congratulations to Lauren and Sean on their wedding coming up soon! I really wish I could be there, but I’m grateful that I got to see you at the shower and in yoga! Eden… I’m super bummed that I will miss your birthday on Kauai with Emma and DeAnn. So tonight we celebrate! Love you all.

Okay, well I am off to the train station with my lovely husband and a backpack. Always ready and willing for an adventure! Life is good. 😉



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