Got a minute??

Because this is going to be a long one…

Hi friends! I am taking a break today to post my way past due photos and try to get up-to-date as much as I can. So many events, fun times, episodes of Sons of Anarchy Season 2 on DVD (finally!), yummy dinners with Kaleo, yoga classes, studying, has been happening lately as well as Kaleo getting ready to head back out on tour… That I have been, well, avoiding the blog. Not even looking at comments or blog stats or anything. So now I sit down to review all that I have missed and damn! There have been quite a few new readers and unique visits lately! So first of all, Hello! And second of all, Why now, when I haven’t posted anything? It’s kind of like going to the zoo and watching the bears sleep. Maybe waiting for it to twitch or scratch his butt, maybe swat a fly away. Not much happens. You COULD go over to the monkey cage and watch those crazy little buggers swing from branch to branch, make goofy faces and fling poop at you. Whee! But thank you anyway for your interest. 🙂 I am now going to channel my inner monkey and swing from topic to topic, make goofy faces while blogging and fling po… nevermind.

So I previously posted about a very busy week I had. Here we go…

As many of you know, Haj and Kezzie are having a baby anytime now. Like any minute. I mean, he is 10 days late, for crying out loud. Every morning if I hear either one of our iPhones, I immediately think that it’s Haj telling us Kezzie is in labor. I can’t wait for my little nephew. I can’t wait for anything, we all know that. Anyway, we held a co-ed baby shower for them at Remy and Whitney’s Riviera house. Here are some pics:

{baby's onsies}

Eden had the AWESOME idea of having everyone paint blank onesies for the baby. It was really fun and everyone got into the spirit. (Thanks Eden)

{painting them at the Tiki Bar on the lanai}

{hanging out to dry}

{papa Haj}

{Bret and Kaleo getting artsy}

{Whitney's creation}

{Remy with the mommie-to-be, Kezzie}

{Remy and Whit, sunset}

{drinking Primo from baby bottles}

{probably the only time you will see onesies hanging from a tiki bar}

{sunset... time for guitars by the fire}

It was such a great time with our family and friends. Thank all of you for coming out to support life. Looking forward to bambino’s first bday! Of course, he has to be born first… I mean, no pressure or anything.

So on to the day at the Del Mar racetrack gone bad. Whew. Did I mention this was going to be a long post? I totally understand if you want to take it in sections and go grab a snack…

First let me  preface this by saying I Know Better. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said, Yay! Let’s take the train to Del Mar and go meet Dave and Deedee at the racetrack for the last couple of races and see the beautiful horses then stay for Peter Tosh, it will be fun and then we can get dinner and hang out with our friends and it will be so fun oh my gosh, ahhhh! Kaleo agrees, and we get on the train heading south.

{Kaleo on the train}

We get to Solana Beach where Dave and Deedee are going to pick us up but they are stuck in traffic. No problem, we walk over to the Wild Note to wait. When the finally get us, we head down to try and find parking at the races. As we head in to the track, we hear that it is the second to the last race of the day so we walk up to the Betting Man ( I don’t know the terminology here, so bear with me) to place our bets. Not knowing what we were doing, the Man was really nice and patient. We picked our horses by their coolio names and took our seats right at the finish line.

{Dave and Deedee}

{yay for horsies!}

{we actually did win on this ticket}

{the race is on...}

So after our race, we began chatting with some ladies in the box in front of us. One of them asked if I had seen the ‘accident’. Horrified I asked her what she meant. She said that the race right before we got there had a horse crash right at the finish line (yes, directly in front of us), and it was bad. I started getting hot and shaky. See, I grew up having horses, riding them, showing them, loving them so much that it was my entire world for years. And now I am here at the racetrack feeling like I’m going to be sick…

She said that the horse broke her leg and they put her to sleep right there. What they do apparently, is quickly drive in a tent to put over the horse while they euthanize, no wait. I’m not even going to soften it by using that word. They KILL the horse because it won’t be making them any more money. People take this time to mosey on up to the Betting Man to beat the lines for the next race and maybe grab a freaking glass of chardonnay and bag of popcorn, not even giving a shit that a horse much too young to be racing, and who has been pumped full of steroids and pain meds, and has been forced to run on a lame leg anyway has tripped after being beaten by the jockey in order to finish either Win, Place, or Show… and is now being put down. All because the owners have lost on this investment and don’t want to donate the horse to a sanctuary or take the time or money to rehabilitate her and give her to some lucky little girl who can’t afford a pony to love. It. Is. So. Wrong.

And I am guilty of going there. However, I will NEVER go back. I won’t go on and preach about all I have learned after this event, but I do know that this happens more than you would want to think. And everyone seems very callous and used to it, even though this season there have been (last time I checked) 14 horses put down at Del Mar alone. Disgusting and sad. I encourage everyone to find out more and don’t support this gross display of sugar-coated animal cruelty. Ok, I think I should go get my own snack now…

I guess that was kind of like me, as a monkey, flinging poop at you. So now I move on to something fun. The Playboy Mansion! There is a great cause called It’s All About the Kids that our friends Dave and Deedee of Dopamine Energy Drink support. Party for a Purpose is the NPO that holds events for the cause and each year they throw a party at the Playboy Mansion. This years theme was Lucky #7 since it was their 7th year. Kaleo donated a signed guitar for their auction and we, along with Dave and Dee headed to the mansion for the event…

{just getting there}

{Deedee, Kaleo and I in our cabana}

{the painted ladies}

{the acrobats and fire dancers}

{me, standing on the great lawn}

{I took this shot of Kaleo (with his wristband) to send to his skate sponsor, Sector 9}

Hef has an actual zoo permit and is a huge animal lover. So he has birds, monkeys, etc. Whenever I go to the mansion I visit my favorite bird, Nana. She is an older gal, but always so sweet…

{me and Nana}


{Deedee and I by the birdcage}

{the signed Pepper guitar}

{bikini fashion show}

{fire dancer}

{Kaleo in the grotto}

{the brought Hef on stage to accept an award}

It was such a great time! Sorry for the blurry photos, but we both forgot our camera (I know, right?!) and I was trying to capture everything with my iPhone. There were fire dancers, snake charmers, pole acrobats (seriously), dancing, yummy food, and lots of beautiful people everywhere having a blast. We are so happy that we got to be a part of it again this year. 🙂

Well that’s it for part one. I have lots more to share but I have to go teach a yoga class so I will say adieu for now. And no, as of 3:12pm, September 9th, Haj and Kezzie’s baby STILL has not been born. This is killing me…



9 thoughts on “Got a minute??

  1. Awesome pics, Mel, even if they were from the iphone! I totally want to do a co-ed baby shower, you guys had great ideas.

    Umm…and the playboy mansion you have official ‘made it’ in! So jealous.

    • Hey girl! I got some really good ideas from my friend Eden for co-ed showers. I will share when the time comes! The mansion is always a fun time. It was my 4th event, so fun! Someday maybe the boys will play and everyone will go..! Miss you… xoxo

  2. I love to read your stories Melanie! I go through all the emotions with you as I read them. 🙂 Your passion to live your best life, inspires me! Looks like a Summer well spent!

  3. melanie, im a huge fan of your blog, my cousin just had a beautiful baby girl and iw as wondering if you guys sell those onsies?:)) they are adorable!

    • Hey, thank you! No, those were all handmade by the guests at the baby shower. I just went to Target and Babies R Us and purchased a few packs of the blank white ones in different sizes (since the little monkeys grow so fast..) and we used tee shirt paint to create our own personal design/message to the baby! It’s really easy and fun… Just make sure you let them dry for a while. Which one is your favorite?? 🙂

  4. Mel- I love you and your direct to the point- no bull shit or sensoring about what happened to that poor gorgeous animal at the despicable race track. I boycott all horse tracks too. I can’t go. It makes me sick. I literally feel ill thinking about it. Not to mention all the steroids etc; they pump them full of- just to throw them away when their done – wether it’s by immediate death or total disregardment and abandonment. Or they sell them to some slaughter house to be turned into horse meat so that some fucked up person somewhere can eat a horse. We should make ourselves some hand painted onesies that support our anti-race track -save the horses- cause. I bet we could garner our fair share of attention by putting them on and parading around the outside of the Del Mar track on race day.. Could you imagine?

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