Day 6 (11): A Photo of Me Recently

I was bored with the movie I was watching last night and decided to get a little artsy with my camera. Self-portrait time! Oh come on, who hasn’t shot a photo of themselves at one point or another. Don’t judge. 😉 And I am really loving black and white lately. So after I took a few of my feet (I told you I do that occasionally…) I decided to try and take a few of my actual face. But I have short arms, so they usually don’t ever turn out. In fact, you know when you are with some friends and one of you turns the camera around and holds it out to take the photo of all of you? Yes? No? Well anyway, I’m never the camera holder because of my little arms. I end up taking a picture of the top of our heads or one persons nose. Ah well, we can’t have it all. But I am loving the grainy feel to this shot…



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