Blog Challenge Day 3: Favorite Television Program

Television. I will say this: I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I really like documentaries, cooking shows (if they are cooking vegetarian meals or desserts), and there are some great cable series’ that I like. And throw in the fact that GGG will be on TV soon, so I should keep my Cox account, regardless. BUT on the other hand, the Boob Tube makes me feel dumber. And dumberer. Reality shows?? I mean, of course I will watch if it’s on, I’m only human. But I feel awful afterwards, like I’ve wasted 30 minutes of my life that I can’t get back. Kaleo and I recently cut our cable waay back to just basic cable that includes History, Discovery, Travel, etc., and we don’t even miss the rest. There are however, a couple of shows that I am looking forward to getting the DVD’s of when they are released and just watching them that way. No waiting, instant gratification. Of course, when Kaleo and I visit my dad’s house, it wouldn’t matter WHAT was on, we always drop down to the floor and zone out. It’s a massive 72″ LCD with surround sound that freaks me out every time we watch a movie there. I’m always half-confused, looking around thinking: Wait, what was that? Is someone on the roof?? Whoa, where did that sound come from? Does anyone else think something weird is going on, or is it just me?! It actually gives me anxiety. No more surround sound for me. But alas, this is a post about my Favorite Television Program, so I must get off of my soapbox and play along. Seeing as I don’t have cable anymore,  I will be watching my two favorite shows (TRUE BLOOD and SONS OF ANARCHY) on DVD by the season so they don’t count. Sorry dad. I am going to say that my favorite show is Whale Wars. Even though I might cry everytime I watch it, it is so great to see the passion that the Sea Shepherd volunteers and Captain Paul Watson have for saving the whales from Japanese whaling ships. If this show brings awareness to just one person about the out of control whaling that goes on in the world, then it is a success. For more information and to become informed on what the International Whaling Commission is doing, please visit Whale Watch.

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