Blog Challenge Day 2: Favorite Movie

Ok this was a little easier. The term ‘favorite’ is so limiting, and I really, really love movies so there are MANY favorites. But I have to say that one constant favorite movie in my life has always been The Big Blue, or the French version, Le Grand Bleu. This movie is filmed in the Greek Islands, Sicily, South of France, Peru, and New York. It is about the world champion free diver at the time, Jacques Mayol. It’s directed by one of my all time favorite directors, Luc Besson, The score is simply beautiful and I love the main actors, Jean-Marc Barr and Jean Reno. When I was still living back home in Hawaii I was a free diver, as well as Padi certified diver. I worked on many tourist boats and eventually made my way to a Dive Master certification. One of the divers I worked with had a girlfriend who was in a documentary with the real Jacques Mayol. From Mayol directly, she learned some incredible free diving techniques, breathwork, and meditation. She in turn taught me those techniques in between our tank dives while working on the boats. Most of you know that I have such a strong connection to the ocean. Often, I would come up from a dive and turn upside down with my fins on the surface of the water, like  was standing on the sky. I’d just stay there and let my tank run out of air and watch the sky from under the water. If you haven’t seen that view before, I highly urge you to experience it. Holding my  breath for the last moments, I felt like I could stay under there forever, it was so peaceful… So when I heard about the movie The Big Blue (which Mayol co-wrote), I couldn’t wait to watch it. It did not disappoint. Now, keep in mind that it is verrry abstract and it is filmed in the late 80’s, so many people dismiss it. But just seeing the fascinating life of Jacques Mayol put into a film with some great actors and scenery is enough to win the spot of my all-time favorite movie. Kaleo and I have this saying: Underwater Forever. If you ‘get’ this movie, then you will understand.

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 2: Favorite Movie

  1. I remember watching this with you guys. In fact, I completely associate it with you and always remembered that it was your favorite movie!

    (Oh, and apparently my mom WAS at your wedding…. don’t know how I spaced that. You have an amazing memory!)

    Love your blog; Ruth turned me on to it. 🙂

    • Hi Kaia!
      It was so great to see you and your beautiful little girl while we were home. You’re right, you were there for the start of it all! That is pretty cool… I’m going to email you with the rest of our contact info soon. Happy New Year!
      Love, mel

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