Blog Challenge Day 1: Favorite Song

Geeeez. This will prove to be MUCH harder than I thought. I mean, favorite SONG??? I can’t even begin to list them. I have a favorite song for everything: cooking dinner, waking up in the morning, teaching yoga, taking a bath, cleaning the house, getting dressed, getting dressed for going out, rainy days, sunny days, blustery days, good times, sad times, EVERYTHING… And of course it changes daily. So Kaleo said I should choose one for the moment. So… my favorite song for right now is Natty Dread by Bob Marley. This song means so much to me, brings back so many lovely memories. It reminds me of a specific walk Kaleo and I went on one day in Newport when we first started dating, and it has been our “morning song” for almost ten years, meaning it is the song we get up and out of bed to start our day. The song that makes you dance around while making the bed, only to both fall back into it laughing. And it’s just… Bob. You have to love it for that. 🙂   Enjoy…

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