I poo in blue.

Hi guys. My mom just left a couple of days ago. We had such a fun visit and I am still kinda sad that she is gone. But man, she wore me out! Yes, mom, you know you did. šŸ™‚ She rarely sleeps, eats like a bird and does three yoga classes a day. WTF. But our visit was SO lovely. We took a train up to San Juan Capistrano, went for walks, went wine tasting, did lots of yoga, bought fresh veggies and flowers at the farmer’s market, watched White Chicks, it was awesome. Now I am gearing up to go visit Kaleo on tour. Red Rocks! He is flying in a day early so we can have an extra day off together. Last time I flew to Colorado to see him play at Red Rocks it was also summer but there was a crazy unexpected storm that hit while I was mid-air and by the time I got off the plane the weather had turned from 80 degrees and sunny to 30 degrees and pouring rain. So here I am, getting off the plane totally ready for the weather that I packed for after looking it up on my trusty iPhone. However, said Iphone apparently didn’t get the memo since it was on Airplane Mode during the flight! I had slippers, flowy white pants and a tank top. In a torrential rain/thunder/lightning/freak storm. By the time I got to the tour bus to see Kaleo I was dripping wet with now see-through white pants, broken slippers, hypothermia and a big pouty lower lip. Yes, I had rained on my own damn parade by not bringing a just-in-case jacket. Or heaven forbid, a raincoat. Ahhhhh well… lesson learned. I am packing for all kinds of weather this time. I looked on the iPhone and it said: Sat-80-sunny, Sun-82-sunny, Mon-thunder/lightning and 60??? So I guess the once in a summer freak storm shit that happened last year just so happens to be scheduled for the 3 days I’m there! I get there on Monday. So funny. But one thing I can be totally sure of, I really could care LESS what the weather is like. I’m so excited to see him that I would brave a lizzard in a bikini to get there and be in his arms. Oh wow. I just realized I typed Lizzard instead of BLIZZARD. Should I leave it? Why yes, I think I should. That being said… I would TOTALLY brave a blizzard AND a lizzard in a bikini to get to Kaleo.

Anywho, I bet most of you are wondering why my title says I Poo in Blue. Am I right?? Well dear friends, have you seen this commercial??????? I am half in love with it, half creeped out by it and half shocked and proud that America is finally airing funny commercials like we have been seeing in other countries around the world for years! Go America! And yes I realize my math was way off in my previous sentence. I am bad with fractions. Don’t judge me.

2 thoughts on “I poo in blue.

  1. melanie i love you!! you and kaleo are 2 of my favorite people on earth. and i LOVE your posts. makes you nit seem sooo far away!! xoxo

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