“And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles…” -Led Zeppelin

Kaleo is back on tour, after many months of being home. I have so enjoyed having him around this long… Recording his new album, helping me open the yoga studio, moving into a new house, having amazingly good times filled with laughter and love as well as helping each other through the hard times of losing Bella, Delta, and most recently, Sweet Maria. Even though we have been together 9 and a half years, we have grown even closer than imaginable in these past 6 months. I am so grateful for you, my love, and I can’t wait to see you on the road soon. We have recently been taking advantage of our close proximity to the ocean by going for long walks on the beach. Wow, that sounds so cliche… Actually what we have been doing is taking the train down to Carlsbad to watch the World Cup and then walking back home via the beach. But really, it is so beautiful and serene, and necessary. Did you know that just by being near the ocean, you can replenish yourself of the negative ions your body needs to stay balanced and healthy? It’s true. And by being near something vast and open such as an ocean, lake, mountains, etc., will have a positive effect on your mood, emotions and outlook. Ok, off the subject, sorry. My point is that I have been enjoying our time together immensely. 😉

I am teaching a Restorative Yoga workshop with Danielle tomorrow at the studio from 2-5. It will be three hours of bliss… What a wonderful way to spend my day. Taking a yoga class in the morning, and then teaching a workshop in the afternoon where everyone will leave feeling peaceful, relaxed, and… happy. I love that my line of work makes people feel good. It’s hard to believe that a year and a half ago I was in a job where I was so stressed that it made me feel physically ill, working for people who didn’t appreciate what I gave to the company, and at the end of the day, did what I do make anyone feel happy and healthy? That is a resounding NO. Funny how things work out…

I’m excited to head out to Red Rocks soon to visit Kaleo on tour. It’s such a beautiful venue, I recommend everyone seeing a show there once in your life if possible. (bucket list, Linda) It is a natural amphitheater built into the mountain. This time I have to try to make it out to the seats to see what the view is like. I’ve heard it is gorgeous, but I have only seen everything from the view on the stage. Even the greenrooms down below are built into the natural topography of the red rocks. And I get to see some friends who live there and of course my cousin Jasmine! It’s a good time all around. Aaaaand, the other girls from Girls Gone Global are taking a road trip in a Prius to meet me out there! How crazy fun is that?? Makes me feel just a teeny bit guilty for flying out in a big bad airplane, but hey! I have limited time with my sweetie, so there. And he will be flying from Tennessee to meet me so I have to be there faster than driving allll the way in a little. teeny. electric. car. Boom. Ok I’m done and guilt-free.

Red Rocks at night. The stage is waaay down to the right of the photo.

Well it is way past my bedtime and I’m getting sleepy. My sleep has been slightly getting back to normal as of last night, so I’m hoping tonight is a good one so I’m well rested for tomorrow. It always take a couple of days to adjust when Kaleo leaves for tour. Especially in our new house and with no Bella around to snuggle with. I guess have to be a big girl. With jammies, warm almond milk, and a big baseball bat next to my bed. Ha.

Life is good. Really, really good. Right now, make a list of five things that you are grateful for on a piece of paper. Anything, big or small. Maybe you like your feet. Or you have the day off. Or you’re in love. And keep that little piece of paper with you all and day look at it whenever you need to or just want to. Update the list whenever you feel like it. Maybe every morning, or before bed. Just try it and see how it feels for a few days. There are no rules, make your own. Here’s mine for the night:

1. I am grateful for my loving, sweet, kind, beautiful husband
2. I am grateful for my supportive, loving, family
3. I am grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones
4. I am grateful for my big, cozy, fluffy bed that I will be floating on in about ten minutes
5. I am grateful that I make a living by doing something I love, and so does Kaleo

Anyone want to share their list?

Ok, good night all…


2 thoughts on ““And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles…” -Led Zeppelin

  1. There is a chance we will end up in my Beemer.. there – does that make you feel a little. teeny. weenie . bit . better about that big ol’ plane? Hahahahahaha 🙂 Im really excited about Red Rocks!! Yay! So is Angie! And of course we love you and I remember that crappy butt job and toasting to your last day! You did it girl! xoxoxoxooxoxxooxxo

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