“You want to be a writer, don’t know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.” -Paul Simon

Since I rarely have the time to sit down and blog in entirety, I have decided to just mini-post when I get a moment and of course blog-fo-real when I can. So since my last post this is what’s been up in Wassman World… A la Carte and Pupu-Style. šŸ˜‰

1. Kaleo and I celebrated our 8th year of being married! Time certainly flies when you are having the time of your life. Can you believe our humble little wedding on the beach at Makalawena was 8 YEARS AGO?? And things just continue to get better and better. Life is good. I am so grateful for you, my love. Always Underwater, always in love, always my best friend.

2. We adopted a pig! Well, actually we are sponsoring her so she doesn’t live with us. She is a rescued pig at Farm Sanctuary. Please check out the link, they do amazing work and save a lot of animals. I will post an entire blog about them someday soon. For now, here’s a photo of our rescue, Blossom!


3. We went to Vegas for Pepper’s 4th annual Hard Rock Pool summer kick off party this past weekend. It was tons of fun as usual! Ron Jeremy was there for a porn convention of some sort and Yee ran into him and put him on the list. Then it came time for the concert and he asked Coach if he could introduce the band on stage. He was great, and it was hilarious! I was on the opposite side of the stage from him and it was fun to see the legendary Mario Bros lookalike jamming out to Pepper with his bevy of ladies. Ha! Never a dull moment…

4. Kaleo’s hair is so long that he can put it in a ponytail. No joke. I swear. Dad, you would be proud. And if it isn’t in a ponytail (alright, it never really is unless he is joking around), it is a huge ‘fro that is IN CHARGE. Uncle Danny would be proud.

5. Yoga Oceanside has been open for almost six months! I can’t believe it has been that long already. We just hired another teacher who is going to be starting an active, Ashtanga based class in July, which I am SO excited about. She is a amazing teacher who has been studying with Tim Miller for many years. Everything about our studio makes me happy. From our space to our students, our teachers and our classes, it’s all incredible and I am so grateful. I know, I always say that but I AM!! It’s true!

6. Kaleo is getting ready to head back on tour with 311 next week. And the new songs for the new album are GREAT…… I am really excited, this is going to be the best album yet. I can feel it.

7. I taught my first Ayurveda workshop for the Yoga Teacher Trainees last week! I’m still taking courses in my program from the Ayurvedic Institute, so I haven’t received my certification yet. But this was just an Introduction to Ayurveda so we didn’t get too much into diagnostics and practice. I love life, there is so much to learn! It’s never-ending….

So that’s about it for now. I suppose a few short updates are better than one long one a month, right? Sooo that means I will be back very soon. Enjoy this gorgeous day!



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