She looks like a five year old who just found out there’s a pony at her party…

Hello everyone! I had such an amazing birthday… Thank you to Kaleo for organizing the most incredible, action-packed, surprise-filled, it’s-all-about-me-because-it’s-MY-birthday-Bitches!!!-birthday-week EVER. You are wonderful and thoughtful and and I love you so much! And to everyone who helped him and celebrated with me… I love you! I still can’t believe you pulled off the big surprise of Leyla flying in from Belize and pretending she worked at Roy’s to pour me some champagne at my birthday brunch…!!?!?! You are all awesome. I will post some photos soon, I promise. It was an entire WEEK of non-stop fun. And I am so glad it’s over because I am exhausted. I secretly think that Kaleo did this whole birthday week thing on purpose so that I would learn my lesson and not want a birthday month next year. By the time the last day of BDW (birth day week) came around I was like: “Do we HAVE toooo?? I’m so tiiirred….!” But of course I had a blast every minute of every day. He wouldn’t tell me what was happening until the morning of the day we were to do whatever activity he had planned. And we ALL know how bad I am with surprises. Me: “But, Lovvve! How am I supposed to know what to WEAR?! Pleeease telll meee!” But as usual, he was a rock and wouldn’t budge. Ugh, he slays me sometimes with his will power to say no to me! Even though I can be the Biggest Brat. With or without Monster Face. He just looks at me with that (ok, ok, adorable) smirk on his face and says nothing. Ugh. Anyway, so on one of the days of BDW, Remy and Whitney hosted a lovely party at their house on the beach (thanks guys!!) and for a girl who loves to be the center of attention in theory, I really have a hard time to actually BE the center of attention when it comes down to it. Weird? Maybe. But I just felt so humbled and grateful that everyone was there to celebrate with me. And the next day as we were heading down to SD to have a birthday brunch at Roys, Kaleo said he had to make a quick stop in Solana Beach. He had the map app on his iPhone set but he kept missing a turn to wherever he was headed. Something caught my eye… Me: “Um…babe? Are we looking for… CUPCAKE LOVE!?!?! (my eyes and smile huugge at this point in anticipation because I lurve me some cupcakes)… By the way, they were really delicious. Cupcake Love in Solana, check it. And then we get to Roy’s and Remy and Whitney are already there with my other brother Haj and his lovely lady Kezzie. How cool! Brunch at Roy’s with Kaleo and family. I’m such a lucky girl. Then the waitress comes up next to me and – Wait. I recognize that -voice… from..somewh…. LEYLA??! ARE YOU WORKING HERE NOW??? Everyone of course started cracking up as I lost it and started to cry tears of joy. Of course she wasn’t working there! She came in from her trip to Belize to surprise me for my BDW! She even wore the Roy’s waiter outfit and everything. It was all so thoughtful and way too much. The card that Kaleo wrote to me was so sweet and loving that I don’t any other gift from him will ever compare. He is such a talented writer with a gift for words, but once again I was blown away by his ability to put beautiful thoughts into even more beautiful words in a card. *sigh* Again, I am humbled and grateful to everyone for making this the best birthday. Thank you all! And Kaleo, you especially Rock my World. I love you.

One thought on “She looks like a five year old who just found out there’s a pony at her party…

  1. You know honey pie that you deserve every single bit of that bday joy and love. You have an absolutely beautiful heart and give so much love and bring so much joy to everyone and everything around you everyday. I LOVE that Kaleo sees that, honors it and celebrates you! Lucky Lady!

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