“Take into consideration that you just did that.” ~the p90x guy

Hey there! I’m not even going to apologize for the late posts anymore because I sound like a broken record. So, Bloggie Blog, My Little Blogolicious, I guess I’m not sorry. I do think about you all the time, and wish I had more time to give you … But the truth is, I kind of don’t. I mean, we can totally hang out and write if I don’t have a better offer like dinner with my husband, or a yoga class. But seriously, it’s not you, it’s me. And NO, I do not have another blog, I swear. Still friends? Ok moving along..

Most of you by now have either: 1) talked to me over the phone to hear all about my Adventure in SB or 2) Seen me in person and noticed the huuuuge bruises and scratches up and down my arms. I will get right to it and show some long-promised photos.

This is me practicing on the ground, actual LAND, until the instructors deemed me ready to launch off the MOUNTAIN. You heard me.

Still practicing, yes. Still not ready, nope. This is why all of our arms are bruised and tore up. We had to run forward while trying to lift the parachute off the ground while the straps were up and down our arms and pulling us backwards. I was running in place at one point. Sure, they tell you to wear long sleeves, but it was hot and we were on camera and the tank tops looked cuter, and blah, blah blah.

Behind the instructor you see Camera 1. Behind him you see, oh I don’t know, the edge??

Way down there is where we were to land. You can kind of see Camera 2 if you look really really hard. He’s a speck on the grass.

Kim and I contemplating our first jump. Sorry, LAUNCH. They don’t call it jumping. And by “they”, I mean this group of people called Paragliders that do this sort of thing all over the world. Which, by the way, we are now card holding pilots. Mmm-Hmm.

Kim’s first launch! She is still on the slope before it drops off, literally under your feet. You are supposed to keep running in case you touch down before the edge other wise you might be dragged. I kept running until the instructor calmly said to me via the walkie-talkie strapped to my chest, “Ok Melanie, you’re doing great. You can stop running now and relax because you are 250 feet in the air.” Ha! Smart Ass.

Not one of my finer moments of the day… I neglected to ‘keep running’ and a gust of wind blew me and my parachute to the right and I was being dragged butt first. Don’t you love how everyone looks so concerned? It’s ok, guys, I’m wearing a helmet!

And lift-off…! The feeling was so incredible when the Earth just gave way and I was totally flying.

So when you are up there you never want it to end. Each flight only lasts up to a minute. You do your S-turns and maneuver yourself right over the landing area. They say to aim for the big cones that they have down there. Of course Eden took him literally and landed RIGHT on the cone. Very accurate landing in our book. I mean, he could have said, Aim for the cone but don’t hit it, or Aim for the cone and land to the right of it, you know? It was such a great experience, and I am so grateful to Eden and GGG! I will totally do this again. Maybe in Brazil? Count me in. The guys that run it happen to be Pepper fans, (what, what?) and I am looking forward to bringing Kaleo and the boys up there the next time we are in Santa Barbara for a show.

Me and Eden on the beach at sunset after our fun, but exhausting day.

Aww, I miss you girls already. Where to next??

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