Adventure, Shmadventure.

Happy Sunday! This morning was a nice, sleepy cozy one until about 7:30. Then I did some work on the computer, kissed my husband goodbye and went to a yoga class. Now I am home to pack a bag for Santa Barbara! We are shooting some more footage for the travel show tomorrow so I will only be gone tonight, all day tomorrow and then hop the train to come home early Tuesday morning. I am excited, but a little anxious. Apparently, the network wants to see us doing more action/adventure. Sooooo… there is an adventure activity set up for us tomorrow which we are not privy to, seeing as they want to get our reactions on film. !! As for as I can deduce, we are not going to be bungy jumping, we will not be in the water, it is not a tandem activity, and I do get to wear a helmet (Kaleo’s requirement for allowing me to participate, haha). Now, I’m pretty sure it will be all kinds of scary, since they want our reactions on film, and that alone kind of freaks me out. Are we jumping out of an airplane?? Hang gliding? I secretly Googled ‘adventure activity Santa Barbara’ to see what I could find and the one thing that sounded great was a tour of wine country on a bicycle. That’s adventure enough, right?? I mean, four girls wine tasting and riding bikes? You have your adventure, AND your comedy all rolled into one! But alas, I am at the mercy of the producers idea of adventure. So here I go, on the train to SB to do God-knows-what while wearing a helmet and trying to look good on camera while not peeing my pants. Updates to come…

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