Rest in Peace, little angel.

Miss Bella

Our sweet little Bella passed away suddenly on Saturday afternoon. She was only seven years old, much too young. We are devastated and heartbroken. She will be missed not only by Kaleo and I, but also by our entire family and friends from all over the world. She was the sweetest little girl and will always live on in our hearts. We love you Sweet Pea.


4 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, little angel.

  1. “The light of my life”

    You have to stay this time mummy
    I now have to be free
    Don’t be so sad mummy
    for now I’m at peace
    Let go of your pain, let it take part of you
    because from out of these ashes, a new life will bloom
    Don’t look for me in places I have been
    I am in your heart mummy
    and inside your soul
    ..and everything that reminds you of me
    see, I’m not really gone
    Don’t be lost in the dark
    or scared when you’re alone
    My spirit is near you, and my light will shine on.

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