Ooh Baby, Baby, It’s a Wild World…

Kaleo is officially on tour again. He actually left a while ago, but it went like this: Tour bus call at midnight on a Thursday, then I saw him in Santa Barbara on Sunday. The bus dropped us off at home early Monday morning and we had two delightful days off. Tour bus call again at midnight on Tuesday. Then he came back down for a show in SD on Friday. Back on the road after the show at about 2AM. Soooo, I was spoiled and got him every few days for a while, and now it feels like he is really gone because I won’t see him until October 19th. Bummer. But it IS nice to just be home and get back to working on my upcoming projects, which I am dying to blog about, but alas, I should wait. And we all know how I am at waiting. Ha! Maybe that’s why I have been avoiding the blog. I’m afraid I am going to prematurely blurt out the exciting things that I have on my plate. !! I am so bad at waiting for anything. “Good things come to those who wait” Really?? Because I also thought that “The early bird gets the worm!”  I mean, I suppose there is an argument for waiting. But in the grand scheme of things, why not just have good things NOW? *sigh* All in good time, I guess. Let’s change the subject before I spill the beans. And NO it is not a baby, you cheeky monkeys.

I saw a movie with Whitney yesterday. Surrogate. It really had me pondering the reality of where modern technology is going to take us and the fear that people have of actually LIVING their lives. It gave me such a sense of sadness and longing to grab Kaleo’s hand (figuratively speaking, he’s touring) and run through the flower fields of our life together, savoring each and every waking moment. I guess you have to see the movie to catch my drift, but it was very thought-provoking. Of course, I was thinking all of this during the movie, which made me lose my place (because there is no Tivo) and therefore causing me to ‘rest-my-eyes’ at the end when all the heavy, important stuff was going down, leading me to have to ask Whitney in the bathroom upon leaving the theatre… ‘So what happened at the end? Tell me all the details I missed.’  (sorry Whit).  Anyway, my real point here is that we should  try to live without fear as much as is realistically possible. And believe me, Yours Truly is a serious work-in-progress. So I’m not saying that I have it all figured out, and that I live this way all of the time. But think about how free you would feel if you didn’t stress yourself out about: Failing, dying, your loved one hurting you, making a fool of yourself once in a while, getting old (ok, guilty, but whatever, it’s my blog), being yourself, and so on… Oh, and by Fear I’m not talking about those gut-feelings, or instincts that can actually save our lives by making us jump out of the way of a speeding car, I’m talking about letting our minds cloud with enough self-doubt that we don’t experience life the way it can be. Let’s just say that we have the tools within us to be able to choose. In each situation, ask yourself: Am I coming from a place of Fear or Love?

Ok, it’s late and I just stepped down from my soap box. Thanks for letting me blog your ears off. It really was an interesting concept for a movie, from what I was awake for. hehe. So it is Sunday night and I’m getting ready to turn in. Bella is fed and pooped and is freshly tucked into her cozy pink bed. She really misses Kaleo when he is gone, it’s really cute. Usually for a day or two after he leaves for tour she will kind of hang out outside of his studio door just in case he’s just in there working. Awwwww our pig. Love that little girl. But Kaleo will be home in exactly three weeks from tomorrow, which isn’t too bad considering the usual tours, and I am so, so excited for him to be here. In that time I intend to: re-plant the third bed of our garden with lettuce and cucumbers and use our yummy, rich, compost; rosin my bow and start to learn a scale on my violin; try out some new yoga teachers; clean my closet-room and box up my giveaways for Stand Up for Kids; make a couple of new playlists for my yoga classes; and a few other things that I can’t talk about yet! Ha! You thought I was going to blow it, huh? Nope, this time I am keeping my trap shut until the right time.

Pig is snoring and my eyes are getting heavy. Until tomorrow… Goodnight porridge goodnight spoon goodnight mittens goodnight moon.

4 thoughts on “Ooh Baby, Baby, It’s a Wild World…

  1. Hmmm.. I think I know one of those top secret items…and I think perhaps a little bean spilling will be appropriate on Thursday.. 🙂 check ur email tomorrow from 4 on cuz I’m gonna send u something! Wink wink! And oh ur officially a caricature cartoon! xo snookums’

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