Good Morning!

Apparently, according to my dad, I don’t blog enough. He’s right, and I wish I could figure out the super neat-o app on my iPhone from WordPress to allow me to blog from my travels. But there is just something comforting about writing from my laptop, using ten fingers to type, instead of two thumbs, and seeing everything at one time on the large screen. Holy Moly, I just realized that I am hanging on to the old school, instead of surrendering to the new technology! Resisting the iPhone blog update app is like resisting email writing in preference to mailing an actual letter… I love when I find things out about myself. It’s not that there is any real meaning to it, but it certainly makes me go hmmmm. But I do love blogging. It makes me more aware of things around me, as I try to put what I see in words that other people can understand and relate to. So I guess it’s as if I am translating my thoughts, as random and wild as they can be, to actual English. English that the masses (you) can totally get. Yeah? Did that translate, or am I in too deep….? Well anyway, I guess for now old fashioned blogging on a computer will have to suffice. Speaking of old fashioned, lately I have noticed that I’ve been gravitating towards the use of words and sayings that I think my Bubbie would have used, and I know for a fact that I have heard either my parents, or the parents of my peers say. I mean, even the use of ‘old fashioned’ instead of ‘old school’ (or skool, if you want to be really crazy), and ‘peers’ instead of friends, peeps, homies… You get the idea. Some awesome ones are:

‘Whatever floats your boat.’ Um…. WATER! water floats my boat!

‘She’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’. I say that about our pig and I feel ridiculous every single time.

‘Oh for cryin’ out loud!’ Ok, that one is for you, Fuchser. Why you crying out loud, Leenda??

And one of the funniest things I think I ever hear my Bubbie say: ‘If I had a dog as ugly as that, I’d shave his butt and make him walk backwards.’ Ha!! I am so totally bringing that one back! I mean, the visual!! Oh, Bubbs, you are so missed.

I would LOVE to hear some of the funny old sayings that you’ve noticed yourself using lately. Reply, reply! I think we should have a movement. Let’s bring back old names too, why not?? I’ve named my new plants Alice and Olive. Some other fun ones are Clementine and Fannie. Isn’t Fannie the most awesome name you’ve heard all day? I bet Kristen Wiig would name one of her characters Fannie. Maybe even with a Y, Fanny.

The fabulous Kristen Wiig

The fabulous Kristen Wiig

I really do love her. And the pink and black, it’s just to die for. I read somewhere that she is a vegetarian and does yoga, which makes her even cooler in my book, in addition to the fact that she is just such a silly goose and makes up the funniest characters that you KNOW you’ve seen somewhere in real life. Have you SEEN Forgetting Sarah marshall?? Helloooo, Prana? GENIOUS!

Have any of you checked out that website, It’s hi-laaar-ious. It shows actual tee shirts, signs and such that are found in Asia. I will leave you with a couple of morsels before I head out to my day.

slap my fro???

slap mah fro???

And todays winner is……

But what if I want the grass to smile at me??

What was in that grass?

And I’m out. I am going to get a book for my 4.5 hour train ride to Santa Barbara tomorrow morning. I LOVE trains, I’m Uber-excited. However, it does leave at 7am. Eh, no big deal. I get to see Kaleo when I get there, and meet up with Eden to celebrate her Birthday! And then after the concert come home on the tour bus and have two days off with him before he heads back out. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday in my book. And of course I’m totes spending the extra 16 bucks for business class on the train. That way I will be guaranteed a seat and not have to fight for one or heaven forbid, STAND. I mean, I could stand, but not for almost 5 hours, and have you seen me walk? My closest homies all want to go in on getting me a helmet, let’s just leave it at that. Maybe I SHOULD rock a helmet. It could be so fashion-forward, like Lady Gaga-ish. If I bedazzled it, or whatever the cool name is these days, and wore it around NYC I bet I could start something. Or be committed, depending on the fashion police.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


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