My day thus far…



I woke up this morning- Wait, wait, wait… Ever notice how so many Blues songs begin with that? Ahhh love the blues. Ok I have to go put some Muddy Waters on now, I’m inspired.

… I woke up this morning to the Camp Pendleton bombing, or explosions, whatever they are. Camp Pendleton is the Marine base about 15-20 miles north of us, and when they bomb it shakes our whole house. It is really unsettling and it often goes on throughout the night and into the morning as it did today. It literally shakes my windows. So this brought me out of my too-light of a slumber. Kaleo is out of town, and it usually takes me a couple of days to get used to not having him next to me. I sleep light and restless until I acclimate and I make sure that I don’t watch anything scary before bed. Not even a trailer for a scary movie. Sure, I am 30-something but I can still imagine that there are monsters under my bed with the rest of ’em. Anyway he is only gone until tomorrow so I won’t have to get used to it until next week when he leaves for Japan. 

So, yeah. That was how I woke up. And then I spoke with him on the phone and I think I was a little grouchy due to not sleeping very well. I got over it really quickly though. My grouchiness usually consists of a pouty voice and a grumpy face which everyone else thinks is funny. And then I forget why I am grouchy and it melts away when something else catches my attention. Kind of like flashing a shiny object in front of a kid. However, don’t ever point out that I am grouchy, even though it’s obvious I want you to know. That will just delay the shiny object from pulling me back into happiness. Kaleo knows exactly how to deal with me. He just laughs. And of course within a minute I am laughing too. So anyway, we said goodbye and I hopped into the shower to get ready to go to the yoga studio. Now, I cannot see without my glasses. So in the shower I am just kind of winging it. Whatever, you don’t need to see in the shower to make sure you are clean. But- you DO need to see in the shower to make sure there are no spiders in there with you. Oh yes. I was not alone. (shudder) It was, as Paris Hilton says, Huuugge. But not in a good way, like she means it. I slowly got out of the shower and considered my options. And put on my glasses. I had to decide quickly whether to kill, to flush, or to scoot. Since it was close enough to our window above the shower, I chose to scoot. Of course, my decision to let the creature live had to do with my insane idea that it would go and tell all of his little spider friends to not bother us anymore. And I didn’t want his family to come-a-knockin’ and revenge his death. WHAT?!? I don’t know, it was early. 

So- off I went to go teach my 9am yoga class. I love my job so much that I always show up really early for my class. I light the candles, get the music ready, close the curtains in the studio. Ambiance-check. Yoga clothes-uh-oh. I had put my jammies back on when I was drying my hair and I forgot to change into my yoga clothes! Ay dios mio. I went to check my car for anything that would work. Now, let me explain my car. She is so pretty. Clean on the outside, detailed and pristine on the inside, and then- there’s the trunk. Ha! Kaleo, I know you are sporting a ‘shit-eating’ grin on your face right now… It’s a Perfect Mess. From teaching off-site yoga, in my trunk I have anywhere from 4-6 mats, a Zafu cushion, a Tibetan bowl, 9 yoga straps, 9 yoga blocks, 10 eye pillows, aroma therapy, something I need to return to Bed Bath and Beyond, some shoes, some books, and Yes! a back up yoga outfit. Whew. I would have looked really silly teaching yoga in my pink and brown bunny rabbit-covered jammies. 

There was a sweet older man in class today that had taken my class a few times in the past. And he happened to let out a little fart. Not a boisterous one,  just a little one, bless his heart. Of course I didn’t bring any attention to it at all, just kept going with my class, and no one gave it a second thought. That is until he started laughing. He was laughing so hard that we all just stopped for a minute, mid-dog, and laughed along with him. After class he explained that his late wife told him that women didn’t fart. She convinced him of this fact when they were young and didn’t ever give him a reason to believe otherwise. When she passed away he realized the private joke she had kept from him for years, and was reminded at that moment in class and couldn’t hold back the laughter. Random story, but charming none-the less. 

After class I came home to find a squirrel in our garden. Sounds like the afore mentioned blues song. “WOKE up this morrrninnnn, FOUND another squirrrrrrel in my yard.” So I chased it. Alllll the way home to his little squirrel den. Then I stomped my feet, made wild hissing noises, and jumped up and down on the stairs in the front yard that they live under. I really tried to scare the shit out of them. Of course, here I go looking crazy to the neighbors once again, but damn. I told you it was war. Albeit, an organic-no-creatures-were-harmed-in-the-making-of-this-garden kind of war. 

So now I blog. And if living the first half of my day wasn’t amusing enough, writing about it makes me laugh all over again. Especially since I am writing this while listening to a snoring piggie on my floor. Life is good. Love is even better. Enjoy this beautiful day!

“Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” –Rumi

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