Happy Anniversary my love!


June 6, 2002

June 6, 2002

Seven years ago today we were married on the beach at Makalawena on the Big Island. It is very remote and requires 4WD to get there. Kaleo and I wrote our vows a few feet away from each other sitting on the beach and when we were finished, got up and took a dip in the ocean. We walked up the beach squeezing each others hands gently, and greeted about 50 of our smiling family and friends. I took a make-shift shower by being doused with fresh water from a large jug, and Muff expertly wisped on a little makeup to my sun-kissed face. We changed right there in the sand hidden behind flowing Pareu’s held up by friends who were standing in the back of a pickup truck. Our beautiful little wedding party lined up to walk the aisle, which was made of lauhala mats in the sand. My dad walked me down the aisle and Kaleo’s dad serenaded us on his acoustic guitar. We got to the end of the aisle and there was my brother Remy to perform the ceremony. He had everyone laughing one moment, and crying the next. He did such an amazing job, that people still to this day tell us how beautiful it was. At the end of the ceremony, we had the good fortune of having a Hawaiian blessing, which is a light sprinkle of rain even though it was sunny. Just perfect. When we finally all made it out of the beach in rambling Kona 4-wheel drive trucks, we headed to the reception where Kaleo’s sister Lehua and friends were busy making sure all of the food was ready for our guests. Lehua didn’t even make it to the ceremony because she was so busy!  We felt awful about that. We danced the night away and retired to our room, and from what we heard there was a huge house party afterwards that of course we didn’t make it to. The Wassman Wedding Afta Party. haha…

I want to say that it was the happiest day of my life, and it was… But since then, I have had so many more ‘happiest days’ and they just keep getting better and better. Here’s to even more years of happiest days of our lives! Love you so much. 

I want to thank everyone who made our wedding one we will never forget. My family, Kaleo’s family, our friends… Mahalo Nui Loa.

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary my love!

  1. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Wow that really was a nice one. Well as Bubbie would always say “Time flies when your having fun.”Congrats!!!!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS you two, thats such a wonderful story -thanks for sharing it…Very beautiful story about two amazingly beautiful souls, LOVE YOU BOTH!!

    And WOW im amazed but not at all surprised about your garden, its absolutley stunning and so green and lovely and adorable, im brethless…Wow u two, how cool are you ..i loooooove your composter that totally rocks, thats very sexy…im all about that recycling. YEY!!!!
    Mel keep your eyes posted on my blogg im gonna show u pictures of my little area outside my door that was just empty and dull while you where here, i put a lot of effort in to it to make it gute and invitable..im putting up picks this week…you will see my little green fingers involved….hihiiiiiiiii…..xoxox

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