Trust in good.


taken in our yard with my new lens (thanks Kaleo!)

taken in our yard with my new lens (thanks Kaleo!)



You know the old saying, “When things seem too good to be true, they probably are”? Well I think that’s just pure rubbish! I want to subscribe to the thought of, When things seem too good to be true, put your trust in it and believe that it actually CAN be that good! I mean, why the hell not, right? If we go around thinking that good things just can’t possibly be happening to us, then that’s just the reality you might be creating for yourself. On the other side of the coin, if you believe that you are worthy and ready for great things to happen to you, then you open yourself up to the most incredible possibilities. For example, right now there are multiple opportunities that have fallen into my ‘Lapland’ (as Ulrika and I call it), that I previously had only dreamed of. And my first instinct was to say, Yeah, well we’ll see what happens. That lasted about a minute and then I realized that I needed to put all of my energy into making it a reality instead of being cynical, or ‘realistic’ if you must. The truth is, we really don’t know what could or could not happen, so we might as well focus on the positive. I think that as a general rule, we as humans want to protect ourselves from disappointment. But if it doesn’t go our way in the end and we have a moment of disappontment, is that any worse than being negative the whole time just to soften the blow? I think not. Any length of time spent being positive, happy and excited is well worth a moment of disappointment in my book.

Ok, a few of you out there might be thinking: Wow, SOMEone lives in a land of rainbows and butterflies…

But- what if I’m right?


3 thoughts on “Trust in good.

  1. I so hope you are right 🙂 The past few months have been so trying for me and I feel like I have been so tense and “just waiting for the other shoe to drop” but I believe now I’m going to embrace your idea and start looking for ways to be more positive 🙂 Thank you for such great insight

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