My Birthday month!

So here we go again. Every year for the past, well few years, I tell myself and Kaleo: I’m not having a birthday this year. Nope, I’m done. Last year was the last one. I don’t want to get another year older, and frankly, birthdays are lame anyway. Who needs ’em? 

But yet, every year as the dreaded date creeps closer and closer… I find myself getting more and more excited. And I don’t mean just happy to celebrate another great year, excited. I mean, like a little kid who wants to dig into the birthday cake with both hands and stuff it in her mouth, excited. Why is that?? I know having a birthday means adding yet another number to my age. My age, which I have conveniently lost track of, and just say the first number that pops into my head when someone asks. I mean, how dare they ask anyway, right? But I’m beginning to realize that the simple fact of me getting so excited means that I really am just a kid at heart, and ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’… It just goes to prove that you are only as old as you feel. And when my birthday gets near, I feel like I’m about 8, 10 tops. Now, I know that Kaleo is going to argue that it is because I have no patience. He has to battle with me constantly in order to not tell me what my present is. In fact, he has to battle with me in order to prevent me from telling him what HIS present is before his own birthday! Whatever… Patience, smatience. 🙂

So on the Eve of the first day of Birthday Month, I thought I would recap a few of the things I learned this past year:

1.  My vote DOES count. I had almost given up hope due to the previous two Presidential elections, but I have a renewed faith in our system. 

2.  Trust that the Universe has your best interest at heart. 

3. Give without expecting anything in return. If it is done from the heart, it will feel incredible, and that is all you need. 

4. Be Present. Do not focus on the past or the future. Enjoy this moment to the fullest!

5. It is absolutely possible to fall in love with a garden. I always like to think of myself as peaceful, loving and yogic. Well, that is until I staged a war with whatever is eating my little seedlings and plants! It’s so on. I’m like a ninja. I have a secret weapon: Diatomaceous Earth, bitches. 

6. Pigs will never, EVER eat a cucumber. It’s true. 

7. You really can fall in love with the same person over and over again…

8. Nurture the friendships that you have had for many, many years. There is a reason those people are still in your life. They know everything about you and still love you. Those are the most precious friends. The ones that never go away.

9. Believe in yourself! 

10. Live Simply. Love Generously. Speak Kindly. Care Deeply.

I’ve learned so much more this year, but the above are some that I can fondly look back upon. I am excited to be having a birthday soon. Regardless of the whole age thing. I sometimes forget that while I keep getting older each year, everyone else does too. So to that I say…….. Let us eat Cake!

One thought on “My Birthday month!

  1. I loved this, what a neat beautiful and a new way of thinking of your birthday – what you learned from this past year!!! Wonderful! You go girl.. with many wonderful and more lernings many MANY more years to come.. you see i want to make more happy, crazy, funny, lovely memorys with HAPPY BIRTHDAY for ever!!!xoxo

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