My Soapbox

So I just got home from the movie theatre where I saw Disney’s Earth. Now, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet… Although as soon as I left the theatre I called my mom. I think I was inspired by all of the crying kids calling out for their own mommies as we all exited with wide eyes looking at each other with the silent glance of, ‘do you feel the same way as I do right now?’. Let’s just leave it at: It has many absolutely beautiful scenes and a couple of funny moments, but try not to go into it with ‘Child’s Eyes’ thinking you’re about to see a sweet Disney film. I was crying my eyes out with the rest of the kiddies.

Ok, now on to my point. At the end of the film, although it was sad, it gave me (and hopefully many others) a wake up call about the state of our home. Global warming is not a made up plot in the hair brained, scheming minds of those crazy liberals, as some people would have us believe. And yes, I pride myself on being one of those crazy liberals, if you have to put a label on it. But as dreary as it sometimes seems with all of the media blasting it in your face, and big  corporations jumping on the bandwagon of ‘Going Green’ just for the sake of making a profit, I truly think that the world is ready and willing to make a change. And regardless of whether or not ‘Green’ is a fad or a profit-maker for some people, at the end of the day it’s still going to affect the bottom line of the world. It’s kind of like the saying: ‘good or bad, it’s still publicity’. Well, good intentions or not, it’s still good for the planet. And it is true that each and every little change you can make will help. 

I believe that as humans, our True Nature is inherently good, peaceful and compassionate. Now if we can become more aware of this in our every day life and make decisions that are for the greater good of our planet, our people, our animals, just imagine how we can positively change the world! Just little things like buying locally and organically, bringing your own reusable bags to the store, and using your own glass or aluminum bottles for water does make a difference. 

Society has become one of convenience and consumerism. And I fear I’m guilty with the rest of them. I heard on a healthy cooking show the other day something cool. The chef said he recommends to his clients that when grocery shopping, ask yourself before buying something whether or not the item you want would be recognized by your grandmother or great-grandmother. And if not, then your body probably doesn’t need it. He gave the example of yogurt to-go in a brightly colored plastic tube. A real-life product, I’ve actually seen it. 

So as I get ready to step down graciously from my Soap Box, I implore you, strive to make at least one Earth conscious decision every day. If everyone in the world did this, there would be 6.7 billion little ‘green’ moments a day! And yes, Kaleo, I did look up how many people there are in the world… 😉

As Gandhi said- “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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